Zanzibar (ザンジバル) is a merchant that lives in the City of Altago. He is a shrewed businessman who mainly deal with rare goods and high paying customers. Rumours has it that Zanzibar came to financial power when one of his main competitors died from a shipwreck. Even since, he holds a monopoly on the supply of Scarlet Crystals whose prices have skyrocketed ever since the spread of the Iskan Fever.

When Adol and company tried to ask Zanzibar for some Scarlet Crystals to cure Maya who had contracted the Iskan fever, Zanzibar eruptly refused. He reasons that there is no way he would give up a high value good to save a lowly peasant girl from the Old Town. Dogi almost struck Zanzibar but was stopped by both Aisha and Adol. 

Even before the death of King Kiemarl, Zanzibar had pushed Orbus to clear up Old Town to establish a merchant district. Once Orbus established political power, Zanzibar got what he wanted. However, after Orbus was slain, the representatives of the 5 villages came together to establish a temporary authority which saw the confiscation of Zanzibar's supply of Scarlet Crytals.

In the resulting ending, it can also be seen that a large portion of Zanzibar's wealth was taken from him.

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