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Yunica Tovah is one of the playable main characters of Ys Origin, and the daughter of the deceased Saul Tovah, former leader of the Holy Knights of Ys. She is an heir to the Tovah bloodline, one of the six families entrusted with the safekeeping and welfare of Ys.

Apprentice knight Yunica Tovah, at your service! ~ Yunica Tovah


Born with absolutely no magical aptitude, Yunica felt very odd and misplaced growing up around her fellow citizens of Ys, who were all everyday users of the arcane. 

One day during her childhood, when she and her grandfather visited the Temple of Solomon, she ran off on her own. Eventually finding her way into the private living quarters of the twin Goddesses, Feena and Reah, she talked to them at great length. The divine sisters were unlike what Yunica had expected, showing hospitality and understanding. Before she returned to her grandfather, the little girl and the Goddesses agreed to meet again in secret. Thus, Yunica gained two friends who accepted her, magic or no. Their bond grew stronger as the years passed, and Yunica swore to become a Holy Knight of Ys, to always be at their side as a faithful guardian.

Yunica worked hard to disprove the mistrust of her peers when working to rise through the ranks of Ys' military. Her close friend Roy, also a young aspiring knight, reminded on her mistakes and made her remember valuable lessons she'd been taught, like a protective older brother.

Six months after the cataclysm that forced Solomon Shrine to be flown into the sky with the Ysian survivors, Feena and Reah disappeared without a trace. Under the firm belief that they had both descended to the surface, the Six Priests of Ys organized a search-and-rescue operation, picking the most powerful and skilled knights and mages to go after the wayward deities. Yunica begged to go with the search party, and was only reluctantly accepted.  


Yunica often displays a very bright and optimistic mood, showing much confidence in the abilities of others. She does, however, question whether she herself can be of any assistance. Because of her lack of magic, and several people back in Ys doubting her because of it, she feels inferior in many cases. 

She is also quite naïve and hasty, sometimes avoiding thinking things through before rushing into a situation.