Name Description
Long Sword Normal Iron Sword. Well-worn.
Livart Blue Emelas single-edged sword. Enchanted by wind spirit.
Blirante Red Emelas double-edged sword. Enchated by fire spirit.
Ericcil Gold Emelas rapier. Enchanted by lightning spirit.


Name Description
Buckler DEF +6

Easy-to-use wooden shield. Reinforced with iron disc.

Round Shield DEF +12

Round, steel shield. Fairly heavy, but higher DEF.

Redhan Shield DEF +18

Protects against spirits. Said to bring great luck.

Kite Shield DEF +25

Diamond-shaped, special alloy. Lightweight, but high DEF.

Galba Shield DEF +30, STR +5

Wandering Calamity bone shield that has ATK and high DEF.

Emelas Shield DEF +40

Shield made of pure Emel. Increases MP gauge recovery.


Name Description
Hard Leather DEF +8

Tanned beast hide. Crafted by the Rehda.

Ring Mail DEF +16

Armor made of linked rings. Light, mobile, and effective.

Bandit's Mail DEF +24

Hide hardened with resin. Preferred armor of bandits.

Breast Plate DEF +32

Made of special alloy. Light, but has high DEF.

Galba Armor DEF +42

Wandering Calamity bone armor. Has "poison" effect on wearer.

Emelas Armor DEF +50, Max HP +10%

Armor made of pure Emel. Sometimes nullifies attacks.




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