Ys Seven: Original Sound Track

Ys7cd 1

Ys7cd 2



November 19, 2009


Video Game Music


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Track list Edit

CD # Track name Artist Length Notes
1 1 Innocent Primeval Breaker (Game Ver) JDK SoundTeam 2:09 Opening Scene
2 In The Busting Square 2:28
3 Loud 2:23
4 Public Palace 2:14
5 Mother Earth Altago 2:16
6 Oral Tradition 3:21
7 Vacant Interference 3:28 Boss Theme
8 Second Defiance 1:42 Game Over Theme
9 Children In The Shadows 1:39
10 Extensive Forest Green 2:08
11 Land of Fertility 2:28
12 Great Tree (Shannoa) 2:07
13 Unknown In The Dark 2:56
14 Desert Of Despair 4:29
Vitality Of The Grand Flame 2:09
Place Of Reticent Lava (Segram) 2:38
Smashing Through The Mountain Path 2:11
Prayers To The Breath Of Wind 1:52
Maiden Of Wind -Mishera- (Game Ver) 0:28
Sanctuary Of Meditation Breeze (Kylos) 4:21
Being Slow On The Waves 2:05
Ruined Isle (Edona) 3:04
An Assault 2:56
One Silent Signal 2:44
Altago Ring 2:29
Crossing Rage! 2:05
Don't Go So Smoothly 1:22
Maiden Of Wind -Mishera- 2:03
Lost Harmony Among the People
To Reveal the Way to go
Road to Solitary Death
Primitive Deep Leaves
A Sunbaked Throb
The Sacred Wind
Vengeance of Iska
Uncertainty in the Future
Lost Method
Isolated Island Consigned to Oblivion
Legend of the Five Great Dragons
The Place Where Souls Return
Tia -The Defended-
Person Who Brings End
Hope for the Hopeless
Ancient Disputation
Let Tomorrow Take Care
Tia -Disappearance of Reason-
From an Effort of the Revival
A New Flower
Innocent Primeval Breaker
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