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Ys Seven (イースセブン?) is the seventh installment in the series, following the adventures of Adol Christin.


Following the events of Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim, Adol and Dogi reached the Capital of Altago in an attempt to find more adventure. While exploring the town, they get into trouble trying to save two sisters who were being harassed by the local Dragon Knights, which is the army force of Altago. They are thrown into the cells but thanks to their reputation as adventurers, they get a request from the king to help him investigate some strange earthquakes going on lately, as his men have not been able to find anything. On their way, they find out the Five Dragons are awakening once again to prevent a great evil, lending their power to Adol to help stop it.


In previous Ys titles, players had to switch between elemental weapons to damage monsters and bosses. Not much is different this time around, except players change party members and use different attacks. The two other members are controlled by the AI while in combat and it is possible to set how they attack. During Battle, the player will get 4 skills for his set that depletes meter. 


The game received generally positive reviews. Ryan Clements from IGN has praised the game's skill and battle system, calling it "unlike any JRPG I've played in recent memory. Even more surprising are the game's boss encounters, which require extreme focus to beat." He also noted that the music is "very enjoyable" and that, while the story is simple, the sincerity "keeps it from being boring". Still, he criticized the need to backtrack to the dungeons and the "modest" graphics.[2]

Brittany Vincent of Popzara lauded the game's combination of action and storyline, calling it "an acceptable gateway drug into the expansive game world that several RPG fanatics are already well entrenched in."[3]

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