Arthopod's ChamberEdit

After you unlock the chamber and enter, you will fight against Nygtilger. To destroy him, you will first need to damage each segment in its body, followed by finishing off the head. As it takes damage, it can release spores as it travels.

There are three important combat states:

  • Initially, Nygtilger will circle around the pillar, dropping electricity in random locations. He can by hit by Hugo's Trap Mine (the charged version can hit segments offset by 90 degrees).
  • When Nygtilger crawls on the ground, he will chase the character and shoot a lightning beam. On the ground, the player can jump on top and attack the segments. If Nygtilger doubles back on itself, it's extremely vulnerable to area attacks.
  • Nygtilger will sometimes curl into a circle, and roll around the arena. He can be dodged by moving inward or outward, paying attention to how the circle is changing. It is difficult to injure him in this state.
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