Ys Online: The Call of Solum

Ys Online - The Call of Solum (イースオンライン?) is a MMORPG spinoff from the Ys series developed by the Korean company CJ Internet and distributed by various other companies for a select region. All, but the European version, left beta-testing phases. The European server was the first one to shut down due to bad management within its publishing company, Key2Play (which went defunct and took the game with it), and due to a continuous decrease in the population of the game. The other versions of the game (Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean) were more successful and well-managed, but over the years they eventually were also shut down.

The last online server to shutdown was the Taiwanese server in Oct. 1st, 2012.

The game takes place several centuries after Adol's adventures with much of the focus still within the borders of the Romun Empire. The game features three different races loosely based off the main Ys series. Each race has a distinct set of classes it can pick up, leading to an even larger variety of skills.

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