Ys Legacy consists of two different OVA series. The first series is based on the first Ys game, Ys I: Ancient Ys Vanished. The second is based on the Ys game, Ys II: Ancient Ys Vanished – The Final Chapter.

Ys I and II (video game) are often called BOOK ONE and BOOK TWO respectively. Not to be confused with the naming conventions of the games they were based on, the first animated series was split into two parts: BOOK ONE covers episodes 1-4 while BOOK TWO covers episodes 5-7. Since BOOK TWO refers to the second half of the Ys I series, the Ys II anime was named Castle in the Heavens.


Both series are available on DVD in English, having been released by MediaWorks. They can be purchased separately, or in the three-disc box set, Ys Legacy. The English releases are the subject of some contention, since the dubbed audio track has multiple and frequent changes to the music and character names ("Dark Fact" changed to "Dark Factor" and "Lilia" changed to "Lillian," for instance), and pronunciations of various names are inconsistent, sometimes within the same scene.

Included on one of the discs is what appears to be a preview for an anime based around Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys. This was created by Falcom as a "pitch" trailer to shop around to various animation studios, to see if anyone was interested in producing the series. They had no takers, however, so this trailer is all that exists of the series.


Book One (1-4) & Book Two (5-7)Edit

No. Japanese Episode Title English Episode Title
1 序章 Prologue
2 ハダルの章 The Book of Hadal
3 トバの章 The Book of Tovah
4 ダビーの章 The Book of Dabby
5 メサの章 The Book of Messa
6 ジェンマの章 The Book of Gemma
7 ファクトの章 The Book of Fact

Castle in the HeavensEdit

No. Japanese Episode Title English Episode Title
1 失楽園 Fallen Paradise
2 世界果つるところ The End of the World
3 彷徨、そして迷走… Wandering and Straying
4 運命の流れる中で On the Path to Destiny


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