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This story is a reimagination of Ys II: Ancient Ys Vanished – The Final Chapter.
The content of this article is not canon to the timeline of the Ys world.

Ys II Special (이스 2 스페셜) is an action role-playing game developed for DOS, and is a re-imaging of Ys II: Ancient Ys Vanished - The Final Chapter

In 1992, Korean company Mantra obtained the rights to bring Ys II to IBM PCs. It took more than two years to get this version done, but it was more than just a mere port, as Mantra drastically redesigned and expanded the game into something completely new and unique. In fact, it’s far more fleshed out than even Falcom’s own remake, Ys II Eternal. The promotional artwork was done by Manwha artist Lee Myungjin.

A CD version was planned to add voices and redbook music, although it never came to fruition. Neither did a tentative similar treatment by Mantra for Ys IV.

The game is entirely in Korean and there is no English translation available.


The plot takes elements from Falcom’s game as well as the Ys II anime, so Adol has to save Lilia from getting sacrificed at the beginning instead of finding her some medicine. There is a ton of entirely new content as well: Instead of visiting all the shrines for the six priests in the first dungeon, the structure of the quest is now more akin to Ys IV on the PC Engine. Every priest now got an own tower with a “Dark” form as the boss. The snow plains are now a sealed exile where criminals are sent, which means that it leads to a city of thieves, one of the new settlements. There is even a super secret new dungeon called, Dangun’s Tower, where the mythical founder of Korea hands Adol the most powerful set of equipment.


Some of the mechanics have changed slightly. There’s now a sword button, although it’s still possible to ram into enemies if Adol’s level is high enough. Special items are now required to regenerate health or save the game anywhere, before finding them this can only be done by staying at an inn. Adol is sent back to the beginning of an area if he gets killed, so it’s not totally unforgiving. All of the maps have been completely redone, with much longer dungeons and bigger field segments. There is actually an area to explore in between the village and the ruins at the beginning of the game. Adol can be powered up to level 99, the game also introduces more typical fantasy elements like elves and dwarves.

The game is also known to be very buggy with crashes being quite frequent.


Kwon Goohee Kwak Dongil from team soundTeMP arranged the original Ys II music and also composed entirely new tracks, those aren't found or arranged in any other game in the series.




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