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Ruins of Moondoria[]

# Image Name Stats Description
1 Ys2-Chrace.jpg Chrace LV: 2
HP: 20
Str: 20
Def: 6
Gold: 8
Exp: 5
A corpse possessed by the spirits of demons killed on the battlefield, its rotting body makes it slow to attack but its claws and fangs concealed a deadly poison.
2 Ys2-Cauction.jpg Cauction LV: 4
HP: 30
Str: 32
Def: 10
Gold: 10
Exp: 5
A goblin subspecies which revels in destruction and slaughter. Always on the hunt for new spoils. Not very intelligent, but surprisingly cunning.
3 Ys2-Godaago.jpg Godaago LV: 50
HP: 8
Str: 56
Def: 28
Gold: 12
Exp: 6
Once a stone gargoyle, but was possessed by evil power and transformed into a demon. Carries no weapons, but its fist alone should not be underestimated.
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Sanctuary of Toal[]

# Image Name Stats Description
4 Ys2-Warrizor.jpg Warrizor LV: 6
HP: 40
Str: 36
Def: 20
Gold: 12
Exp: 7
A demon from the Sanctuary of Toal. Coils its body and swiftly strikes its prey. Its four tentacles grip the victim as it stabs with the poisoned barb in its tail.
5 Ys2-Gnometh.jpg Gnometh LV: 6
HP: 50
Str: 44
Def: 20
Gold: 12
Exp: 7
Wanders underground, as it despises daylight, it pales form is coated with thick leather skin. Seeks out all who are lost in the Ruins, attacking them mercilessly.
6 Ys2-Zolgell.jpg Zolgell LV: 8
HP: 72
Str: 80
Def: 22
Gold: 14
Exp: 8
A type of slime formed from cohesive fluids that enable it to bend its elastic body, giving it general resistance to physical attacks. Highly flammable, however.
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Rasteenie Mine[]

# Image Name Stats Description
7 Ys2-Ripplet.jpg Ripplet LV: 8
HP: 70
Str: 50
Def: 24
Gold: 16
Exp: 8
A type of lichen that's absorbed evil will from the atmosphere, transforming it into a demon. Fiercely territorial, it suffocates those who breach its lair.
8 Ys2-Tolpi.jpg Tolpi LV: 10
HP: 70
Str: 70
Def: 25
Gold: 16
Exp: 9
A carnivorous plant that intoxicates its prey with gassy discharge, then eats it whole while it's paralyzed. The victim is gradually digested overnight.
9 Ys2-Puroid.jpg Puroid LV: 12
HP: 84
Str: 90
Def: 26
Gold: 10
Exp: 10
A generally sluggish demon that files into a frenzy once its prey has been spotted. Possesses surprising speed and strength. Do not underestimate.
10 Ys2-K'nocks.jpg K'nocks LV: 12
HP: 80
Str: 84
Def: 32
Gold: 20
Exp: 12
A demon produced when mold and lichen grow over a corpse. Moves by dragging its serpenting body across the ground, and crushes its prey like a constrictor.
11 Ys2-Carly.jpg Carly LV: 12
HP: 80
Str: 96
Def: 40
Gold: 20
Exp: 13
A six-taloned demon that crawls around like a spider. Much heavier than a human being. Crushes its prey and devours it whole, inhabits Rasteenie Mine.
12 Ys2-Orihalcus.jpg Orihalcus LV: 14
HP: 108
Str: 108
Def: 50
Gold: 25
Exp: 15
Bloodstained armor adorns this decapitated cratin, who uses its own head as a shield. No body can be found inside its armor -- only a miasmic, malicious will.
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Ice Ridge of Noltia[]

# Image Name Stats Description
13 Ys2-Neeli.jpg Neeli LV: 18
HP: 100
Str: 112
Def: 52
Gold: 30
Exp: 15
A well-defended demon able to hack apart its prey with its sharp scythes. However, as an ice elemental, it is predictably weak against fireballs.
14 Ys2-Gercard.jpg Gercard LV: 18
HP: 100
Str: 120
Def: 54
Gold: 35
Exp: 16
A demon descended from a proud tribe, now serving the demons as a soldier, its mind has regressed to the level of a beast, but its combat skill remains.
15 Ys2-Eggnid.jpg Eggnid LV: 20
HP: 120
Str: 136
Def: 56
Gold: 48
Exp: 17
Once a holy race that soared majestically in the sky, its many misdeeds caused its wings to atrophy, and it was banished from the holy sanctuary.
16 Ys2-Galgata.jpg Galgata LV: 20
HP: 110
Str: 116
Def: 64
Gold: 50
Exp: 18
A turtle-like demon from the Ice Ridge of Noltia. Despite its appearance, it attacks with tremendous speed, it may hobble and wobble, but it does so VERY QUICKLY.
17 Ys2-Gworter.jpg Gworter LV: 22
HP: 120
Str: 128
Def: 58
Gold: 60
Exp: 18
A demon from the Ice Ridge of Noltia. A cyclops with muscles like armor. Unintelligent, but extremely powerful. Relies on brute strength alone.
18 Ys2-Swoff.jpg Swoff LV: 22
HP: 132
Str: 148
Def: 70
Gold: 65
Exp: 20
Once a gentle, domesticated race, the demonic influence transformed these ram-horned creatures into carnivorous savages with bloodshot eyes. Found in the Ice Ridge.
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Moat of Burnedbless[]

# Image Name Stats Description
19 Ys2-Preliguard.jpg Preliguard LV: 24
HP: 120
Str: 150
Def: 80
Gold: 70
Exp: 22
A being said to have evolved from ancient fire lizards. Though no longer able to control fire, it still gravitates toward high-heat environments.
20 Ys2-Onuman.jpg Onuman LV: 24
HP: 120
Str: 160
Def: 84
Gold: 75
Exp: 24
A demon resembling an ape, with a curved back, long arms and clawed fingers. Upon catching sight of an enemy, it rushes into battle at full speed.
21 Ys2-Scollun.jpg Scollun LV: 24
HP: 144
Str: 172
Def: 86
Gold: 72
Exp: 26
A two-tailed scorpion with a peculiar leg structure that allows for quick, silent movement. One strike from its poisoned barbs will kill its prey in short order.
22 Ys2-Xelbenoth.jpg Xelbenoth LV: 26
HP: 150
Str: 184
Def: 90
Gold: 88
Exp: 32
A horned demon from Burnedbless. Has a human body with the head of a bukk. Strikes at foes with a large axe, but will also happily gore its victims with its horns.
23 Ys2-Gene.jpg Gene LV: 28
HP: 180
Str: 200
Def: 96
Gold: 100
Exp: 34
Once a harmless fire sprite, the demonic influence transformed this creature into a malicious beast. As it is already wreathed in flame, Fire magic does not hurt it.
24 Ys2-Dirga.jpg Dirga LV: 24
HP: 130
Str: 152
Def: 94
Gold: 78
Exp: 28
A sluggish demon from the Moat of Burnedbless. Its back is protected by a carapace, which provides excellent defense with its firmness and flexibility.
25 Ys2-Topus.jpg Topus LV: 24
HP: 130
Str: 168
Def: 88
Gold: 82
Exp: 30
A living fossil from the age of dinosaurs. Quick to anger, and attacks both with the force of its weight, and with the two long spikes that protrude from its back.
26 Ys2-Magnute.jpg Magnute LV: 26
HP: 156
Str: 188
Def: 92
Gold: 90
Exp: 34
A demon from the fiery Moat of Burnedbless. Its body is made up of a lump of fused lava, mercilessly burning all it touches. Fire mafic has no effect on it.
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Shrine of Solomon[]

# Image Name Stats Description
27 Ys2-Zearot.jpg Zearot LV: 48
HP: 250
Str: 370
Def: 230
Gold: 270
Exp: 130
A Bearot noble who guards the gates of Solomon Shine. Undefeated in battle. Its kind has been dubbed the 'Blazing Madmen,' and it does live up to that name.
28 Ys2-Ashveil.jpg Ashveil LV: 30
HP: 180
Str: 192
Def: 84
Gold: 110
Exp: 35
A bio-luminescent ogre with a taste for flesh. Attacks its prey without mercy, brutally flaying them with its spear. Found in the Shine's entrance areas.
29 Ys2-Baocar.jpg Baocar LV: 30
HP: 185
Str: 196
Def: 80
Gold: 100
Exp: 38
A demonic monk bearing a magic wand and cloaked in dark red robes. Alow-rank mage, but the energy it fires from its eyes is quite deadly nonetheless.
30 Ys2-Nashzar.jpg Nashzar LV: 30
HP: 190
Str: 196
Def: 96
Gold: 115
Exp: 44
A goblin-like creature that keeps most of its body shielded while strking foes with a spear. Oftn uses its horns to throw its prey into the air for easier hits.
31 Ys2-Malochius.jpg Malochius LV: 34
HP: 200
Str: 204
Def: 106
Gold: 180
Exp: 65
A demon renowned for its one red eye. an roll itself up into its shell for protection, and its exoskeleton bends and gives readily, allowing for quick movement.
32 Ys2-Allomod.jpg Allomod LV: 34
HP: 205
Str: 212
Def: 106
Gold: 180
Exp: 72
A demon with the lower body of a horse, but a buffalo's horn on its head. Carries a large trident which it wields with great precision, impaling all who oppose it.
33 Ys2-Trover.jpg Trover LV: 34
HP: 205
Str: 220
Def: 112
Gold: 200
Exp: 78
A demon found in the west section of Solomon Shrine. Has thick skin and unnatural strength. Wields a two-handed halberd to eliminate its opposition.
34 Ys2-Godrup.jpg Godrup LV: 36
HP: 210
Str: 224
Def: 125
Gold: 220
Exp: 88
A high-ranking goblin with an armor-like appearance. Though its strength and intelligence are average at best, it's extremely self-conscious, angering readily.
35 Ys2-El Endes.jpg El Endes LV: 32
HP: 190
Str: 200
Def: 90
Gold: 120
Exp: 52
A demon found in the northeast part of the Shrine. Floats about, wielding a scythe like the Grim Reaper. One swing can easily split a man in twain.
36 Ys2-Nustarl.jpg Nustarl LV: 32
HP: 195
Str: 196
Def: 86
Gold: 130
Exp: 56
A statue-like demon that stays perfectly still to fool its prey, then strikes when they least expect it. Drains the life energy of its prey with its eyes.
37 Ys2-Bearot.jpg Bearot LV: 32
HP: 198
Str: 204
Def: 100
Gold: 150
Exp: 52
Strongest of the humanoid demons. Adorned in golden armor. that's harder than diamonds. Only the mightiest of strikes can even come close to penetrating it.
41 Ys2-Rewillvan.jpg Rewillvan LV: 40
HP: 220
Str: 252
Def: 126
Gold: 240
Exp: 108
Found in the Central Shrine. A tough, four-armed monster with bright blue skin. Its crimson claws can cut down any intruder, leaving not a moment to counterattack.
42 Ys2-Forkless.jpg Forkless LV: 40
HP: 220
Str: 244
Def: 122
Gold: 240
Exp: 104
Found in the Central Shrine. The horns which grow from its head are proof of its noble descent from dragons. Can cleave a man in twain with its mighty tail.
43 Ys2-Gearot.jpg Gearot LV: 42
HP: 230
Str: 260
Def: 135
Gold: 250
Exp: 112
A Bearot elite. Demands to be referred to by its given title, 'Master,' and brings down its wrath upon any who dare refuse this simple request.
44 Ys2-Charront.jpg Charront LV: 44
HP: 240
Str: 280
Def: 150
Gold: 260
Exp: 122
A lizardman well-versed in the lore of demons after 100 years if study. Wears a bluish robe and carries a staff, from which it fires painful blasts of energy.
45 Ys2-Valkyria.jpg Valkyria LV: 44
HP: 245
Str: 300
Def: 170
Gold: 260
Exp: 126
A heavily-armored warrior witch who serves as bodyguard to Zava. Uses its mastery of swordplay to chop its victims to pieces. Found in the royal chambers.
46 Ys2-Zavanite.jpg Zavanite LV: 42
HP: 250
Str: 280
Def: 134
Gold: 270
Exp: 110
Appears as a beautiful young woman, but is actually a loyal follower of Zava, intent upon dealing death. A favorite of Zava's due to its unmatched abilities.
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Subterranean Canal[]

# Image Name Stats Description
38 Ys2-Delpus.jpg Delpus LV: 36
HP: 208
Str: 236
Def: 114
Gold: 200
Exp: 32
A small beast from the canal possessing the strength of a giant and the agility of an eagle. Kills by attacking its legs to the target's head, and suffocating it.
39 Ys2-Dyphthelloid.jpg Dyphthelloid LV: 38
HP: 205
Str: 240
Def: 116
Gold: 210
Exp: 96
Originally a member of the mightiest tribe of dragons, its wings have devolved into a useless state, but its fiery breath remains intact. Found in the Central Shrine.
40 Ys2-Ceabith.jpg Ceabith LV: 42
HP: 240
Str: 272
Def: 140
Gold: 255
Exp: 116
Looks like a brutish human, but with tough skin. Wields a hatchet-like blade. The expression on its alligator-like face betrays its lust for slaughter.
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# Image Name Stats Description
47 Ys2-boss-Velagunder.jpg Velagunder LV: 11
HP: 160
Str: 100
Def: 40
Gold: 600
Exp: 400
A huge demon whose body is protected from sword strikes by a hard shell. Fires energy from its eye to decimate its victims. Since physical attacks are ineffective, those with no magic are doomed in its wake.
48 Ys2-boss-Tyalmath.jpg Tyalmath LV: 20
HP: 280
Str: 121
Def: 74
Gold: 1200
Exp: 600
An ice creature with precision control over its chosen elemental. With its one eye and strong back legs it can make mighty leaps to attack from above. When it strikes the ground, deadly shards of ice are scattered.
49 Ys2-boss-Gelaldy.jpg Gelaldy LV: 27
HP: 360
Str: 163
Def: 99
Gold: 2000
Exp: 1000
A truly hideous beast with the appearance of a giant's severed head. Approaches its prey slowly, occasionally releasing an oversized tentacle from its mouth to block an escape route. Its think hide is impenetrable.
50 Ys2-boss-Druegar.jpg Druegar LV: 36
HP: 420
Str: 192
Def: 144
Gold: 2200
Exp: 1500
Looks like a giant spider, more or less. With its four rigid legs, it can only be damaged from the front. Launches countless exploding eggs and balls of energy in an attempt to toy with its prey for shear amusement.
51 Ys2-boss-Zava.jpg Zava LV: 44
HP: 480
Str: 225
Def: 191
Gold: 2400
Exp: 2500
The third most powerful of all the demons. Commands countless minions, and has the appearance of a gorgeous woman, like her attendants. When angered, she'll flay every last bit of flesh from the bones of her prey.
52 Ys2-boss-Dalles.jpg Dalles LV: 49
HP: 510
Str: 238
Def: 219
Gold: 2500
Exp: 3500
The puppetmaster with the Cleric Cloak who commands the demons. Born of pure demon heritage, making him invulnerable to magic. Only Darm is stronger -- and Darm is the only Man Dalles answers to.
53 Ys2-boss-Darm.jpg Darm LV: 51
HP: 510
Str: 278
Def: 240
Gold: 2550
Exp: 5000
The source of all magic and all demons. Once guided the land of Ys to prosperity, but later spawned demonkind. Some call him the devil. His true form is the Black Pearl -- an item housing unimaginable dark power.
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