List of items in Ys I: Ancient Ys Vanished.



Short Sword +5A small, cheap sword. More useful for daily tasks than for combat. Purchase in the Town of Minea or obtain for free with Slaff.
Long Sword +15A steel long sword. Fairly heavy, but gets the job done nicely. Can be purchased in Minea
Talwar +25A sword from the far east. Its curved blade slices like a dream. Obtained by talking with Slaff at one point of the game.
Silver Sword +40An ornately decorated long sword. Its silver glow can destroy evil. Talk with Roda trees after eating Roda Tree Seed and returning the Silver Harmonica to Reah.
Flame Sword +55An unmatchably strong, fiery blade. Nothing can stand against it. Darm Tower


Small Shield +5A small buckler of reinforced hardwood. Cheap, but unreliable. Purchase in Minea.
Middle Shield +15A leather-lined shield of medium size. Light, durable and firm. Purchase in Minea.
Large Shield +25A large steel shield. Heavy and bulky, but offers great defense. Purchase in Minea.
Silver Shield +35A breathtaking silver shield inscribed with protective blessings. Shrine
Battle Shield +50A shield imbued with fiery zeal. Deflects almost all attacks. Darm Tower


Chain Mail +5Finely woven chain mail. Easy to move in, but rather weak. Purchase in Minea.
Plate Mail +15 Made of steel plating. Reliable, but requires high stamina. Purchase in Minea.
Reflex +25Strengthened with a particular resin that makes it very flexible. Purchase in Minea.
Silver Armor +35Beautifully-made armor of silver. Shields its wearer with holy magic. Abandoned Mine
Battle Armor +50Armor imbued with the power of flame. Can withstand any attack. Darm Tower


RingDescriptionLocation and notes
Power Ring Bronze ring that fully doubles the wearer's strength. Return the Silver Bell to Mayor Robels.
Shield Ring Magical brass ring. Reduces all damage received by 1/2. In a chest in the Shrine.
Timer Ring A ring of coral. Slows enemy movement to half normal speed. Chest in the Abandoned Mine.
Heal Ring A holy ring. Purifies and restores the body to bring peace. Chest in Abandoned Mine B1. Allows Adol to regenerate health in areas where he normally can't, and restores health faster in areas he can.
Evil Ring Bloody-patterned ring that taints and slowly kills its wearer. Chest in Darm Tower 2F. When equipped, it gives the message "The ring dug into Adol's finger, causing sharp pain. And it wouldn't come off!". Using it is suicide as Adol won't be able to remove the ring and it will quickly drain his health. Only use when required, and save before doing so.


There are a lot of items Adol can get throughout the game. This list has a brief description of the use of each item.

ItemMenu descriptionEquipped descriptionLocation and notes
Book of Ys A leather-bound book. Written in a strange, unreadable language. Normal:
"Adol opened the Book of Ys, but he was unable to read its strange lettering. It seemed like another language."

Ask Jeba or use the Monocle to read each book. See Book of Ys for details.
The Book of Hadal, found in the Shrine.
Book of Ys The Book of Tovah, given by Old Man Franz in the Town of Midea after obtaining the first book.
Book of Ys The Book of Dabbie, found in the Abandoned Mine.
Book of Ys The Book of Mesa, found in Darm Tower.
Book of Ys The Book of Gemma, found in Darm Tower.
Book of Ys The Book of Fact, obtained after defeating the final boss.
Treasure Box Key A master key made of bronze. Will open any treasure chest. A key made of bronze. Fits neatly into the palm of the hand. Inside a chest in the Shrine. Used automatically when touching a locked chest.
Prison Key A poorly-made rusty iron key. Opens the prison gates. A heavy key made of iron. Slightly rusted. Found in a chest in the Shrine. Opens the cells in the shrine.
Shrine Key A gorgeous key made of crafted ruby and gold, with a complex design. Made of finely-worked gold, with a ruby setting. The end is twisted. Given by Jeba in Zepik if Adol has Sara's Crystal. Required to enter the Shrine.
Ivory Key A fine ivory key fashioned from tiny, interlocking shapes. Made of fine, carved ivory, crafted with delicate workmanship. Shrine B3
Marble Key A key of brilliantly designed green marble. Shaped like a trident. Made of fine, green marble. The end splits into a trident-like shape. Shrine B3
Darm Key A key of shining blue crystal, bearing a familiar-looking crest. Made from a pale mineral. Engraved with the same crest as the shrine door. Abandoned Mine B2
Sara's Crystal A luminous crystal with an exotic base. Sparkles in the light. The heart of the crystal shines like a star in the night sky. Given by Sara in Minea after Adol obtained one sword, one shield, and one armor.
Roda Tree Seed Seed of an ancient tree, with a flavor said to rival all else. Adol peeled away the hard shell of the seed and ate the pulpy meat inside.
The taste was sweet, but mellow. The instant he swallowed, Adol felt a strange shudder run down his back.
Found in Abandoned Mine B1. Eat to speak with the Roda trees.
Silver Bell Relic said to have guarded Zepik Village. Its sound is calming. - (Adol rings the bell) Found in the Shrine. Return it to Mayor Robels to obtain the Power Ring.
Silver Harmonica A silver harmonica with a vibrant sound. Sparkles majestically. - (Adol plays a few notes in the harmonica) Found in the Abandoned Mine B1. Give it to Reah.
Idol Statue of an ancient dragon. Grants its bearer peace of mind. The sculpted creature's crimson eyes glitter with an eerie light. Obtained in Darm Tower. Give it to Raba to obtain the Blue Necklace.
Rod A short magic wand. Has a design similar to Sara's Crystal. Adol gripped the handle and chanted, 'Accio Books of Ys,' but nothing happened. Darm Tower
Monocle An ancient monocle. The lens seems to be in perfect condition. - (Adol will be able to read the Books of Ys) Obtained in Rado's Annex 3F.
Blue Amulet Heirloom of the Gemma family. Shines with a pale frigid light. The sapphire at the center emits a divine sparkle. After obtaining the Book of Gemma, talk with Gemma and he will give the Blue Amulet.
Ruby A ruby set in gold. Its condition is virtually flawless. It's a large Esterian ruby. It looks pretty valuable. Better put it away! Found in a chest in the Shrine on the west side of floor 1. Sell it in Pim's shop for -1320 Gold.
Sapphire Ring Sapphire-encrusted ring inscribed with a message from its giver. Can be bought in Pim's pawn shop in Minea for 1000-900 Gold. Return it to Donis to gain 1500 Gold.
Necklace Gold necklace adorned with countless small rubies and patterns. Doesn't look noteworthy. Probably not solid gold. Shrine B1, in the southeast chest. Sell it in Pim's shop for -550 Gold.
Golden Vase Beautiful golden vase. Has a hole for some variety of ornament. Found in a lake in the Plains. Can be sold for 2000-2200 Gold in Pim's pawn shop.
Heal Potion Medicine made from the Red Digitalis plant. Heals mind and body.
  • Full health: "Adol is not injured. There is no need to use this item."
  • Injured: Adol drinks the potion.
Adol's health is fully restored. Can be found in a few chests or purchased in towns.
Wing Magic wing. Warps the user to Minea. Some areas seal its power. - (teleports Aldol to Minea)
If used while escorting Feena: "This item doesn't have the power to transport two people."
Purchase in Pim's pawn shop for 200-180 Gold.
Hammer Ordinary iron hammer. Fairly heavy. Could be used to break stone. A sturdy hammer. Looks like it could break anything. Darm Tower. Required to break a pillar.
Mirror Mirror that can freeze a single movement. Will break with overuse. - (freezes enemies) Purchase in Pim's pawn shop for 500-450 Gold or find in a chest in Darm Tower 2F. Stops enemies from moving for a short time. Can also be used to surprise people, each having a different reaction.
Mask of EyesStone mask with inset jade. Hides enemies, but reveals secrets. Wearing this makes everything look gray. Secret paths become visible, but enemies become invisible. Found in Feena's cell in the Shrine.
Blue Necklace Necklace of luminous blue crystal. Able to nullify evil traps. The blue gem at the center emits a very pure light. Darm Tower
Bestiary PotionPotion blessed by a priest. Gives insight on defeated monsters. Adol drank the potion, and felt more deeply aware of the threats around him. Chest in the Plains. Drink to see details on defeated enemies. The more of the same enemy defeated, the more details of it are revealed.
Piece of Paper Paper with several lines of an unreadable language written on it. It has several lines of some archaic language written on it. Chest in Plains. Show it to Reah after returning her Silver Harmonica and she will recite a poem.


Golden Pendant The item Feena has equipped when escaping the Shrine with Adol.
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