Esterian PlainsEdit

1Pikkard An animal bred for its obnoxiously cute and tender little body. Sup on its toothsome niblets slathered in Roda butter or straddling bacon. Adorably delicious!
2Curloid A dwarf from the plains. Looks fearsome, but is actually quite weak. May present a challenge at first, but will quickly become a pushover.
3Oakrot A bloated dryad from the plains, formed from the malevolence within a rotted tree. Very dry, inhibiting its mobility, which makes it an easy foe to take down.
4Rheboll A red-furred feral dog that roams the Esterian plains. Moves quickly and often attacks in packs, making it a real threat to the unwary traveler.

Mountain PathEdit

5Unugun A sworn guardian of the shrine in life, resurrected by a sinister will. Inside its armor, it is completely decayed. The stench of death on it is overpowering.


6Uhnos A bull-headed monster that dwells beneath the shrine. Emerges from the darkness swinging an enormous blade wildly, startling even the hardiest of adventurers.
7Bulner A giant insect-like monster inhabiting the catacombs beneath the shrine. Scuttles toward its prey while emitting a shrill cry that could give anyone goosebumps.
8Looter A spirit of the dead bearing the darkened flame of a long forgotten grudge. Approaches the living in hopes of finding a new friend to dwell eternally by its side.
9Rescoyd A monster found beneath the shrine. Often thought to be the head of a giant, but no one knows for certain. Its bloodshot eyes unendingly scan for fresh meat.
10Lyus A savage beast wandering the shrine. Can tear its prey to shreds in a single moment using its claws and tusks, and its thick mane is soaked with blood. Smells awful.
11Dinvel A monster who lies in wait on the lowest level of the shrine to slice apart its prey with a magic-infused sword. Hides its true form beneath a cloak.

Abandoned MineEdit

12Nubbrow A monster residing in the abandoned mine. Its appearance is strange and almost humorous, but its attacks are much more deadly than any encountered previously.
13Gryel A semi-transparent life-form that lurks in the abandoned mine. Its jelly-like body latches on to its victims and begins dissolving them. Aim for the eye.
14Othcross A bug-beast that dwells in the abandoned mine. Its slippery body deflects sword strikes, and its sharp fangs can pierce armor. Doesn't go down easily.
15Dynick A beast with an enormous, gaping maw. The sight of its drooling visage in pursuit is nightmare-inducing. Devours its prey, but no one knows where the remains go.
16Menon A fast-moving hard-shelled monster that bustles about in the abandoned mine. Due to its quick speed within a dimly-lit environment, the Menon presents real danger.
17Karon Saunters about the abandoned mine, skewering prey with its spear and horns. Ranked as superior officer to the Uhnos, giving it an air of dignity. Has a cute tail.
18Chelasken A monstrous phoenix from the abandoned mine. Why a bird would dwell underground, and why its flames shed no light whatsoever, are both questions without answers.
19Lemendy A half-bug half-man that dwells in the abandoned mine. Its exoskeleton grants it excellent defense and speed alike. Attacks with chaotic sword-swipes.
20Brayzal A creature with such heavy armor that only the mighty can hope to damage it. Dwells in the lowest caves of the abandoned mines, and cannot be easily overcome.

Darm TowerEdit

21Riffligan An armored monster dwelling around floor 1 of the Tower of Darm. Wields two swords, but wears inferior armor, making it vulnerable to even the weakest of attacks.
22Jestona An armored monster dwelling around floor 3 of the Tower of Darm. Characterized by its red armor and its speed, but presents little issue if taken out one by one.
23Accumate A top-tier guardian dwelling only on floor 6 of the Tower of Darm. Its attack power is tremendous, but in a pinch, it can be bypassed entirely. Running may be advisable.
24Normous An unpleasant creature found on floor 9 of Darm Tower. Looks just like the statues found elsewhere, so the unprepared may be caught off-guard. Surprisingly fierce.
25Genoid Entrusted as a guardian of the Silver Sword and Shield, the Genoid is descended from giants and possesses appropriately herculean strength. Found around the 7th floor.
26Xomack A bitter relative to the Accumate who dwells far from its brethren, on floor 10 of Darm Tower. Not very strong, but boasts tremendously high agility.
27Vilvan Found in Darm Tower's mirror maze. A creature built from intertwining mushroom fibers filled with deadly nerve toxins. Beware the dire grip of its sinuous tentacles!
28Wilewarer Guardian of the Silver Armor in Darm Tower's mirror maze. Wears thick armor, but its intelligence is the real threat. Chases down intruders with intent to behead.
29Irebolg A soulless, steel-armored sentry guarding Rado's Annex around floor 15 of the Tower of Darm. Ordered to dispose of any intruders who attempt to gain entry.
30Molfess A mud-like monster dwelling within Rado's Annex. Digests through absorption and moves far quicker than anyone would expect. Will eat anyone, human and monster alike.

Encountered in Darm Tower.

31Kelmarel Dwells on floor 17 of Darm Tower. Charges its opponents in a straight line, making short work of them. Best not to attack a Kelmarel head-on lest you be quickly gored.
32Selnarg A hand-selected Riffligan inhabiting floor 18 of Darm Tower. The elitest of the elite, boasting sword techniques other monsters could only dream of.
33Chryolos Inhabits floor 19 of Darm Tower. A warrior with talons on both arms, as well as armor layered upon naturally scaly skin. Will not break its stride, no matter what.
34Twarth Inhabits floor 20 of Darm Tower. The strongest warrior amongst the monsters, by leaps and bounds. Attempting to take on more than one at a time is suicide.
35Euchreas A cruel magician inhabiting Darm Tower's mirror maze. Cloaked, and wields a magic sword. Able to freely move amongst the mirrors, and enjoys toying with its mark.
36Bordisch A fearsome ogre inhabiting Darm Tower's mirror maze. Uses its sculpted body as a weapon, and manages to out-perform the Euchreas despite having no real defense.


37Jenocres A wizard who blocks the path to the lower levels of the shrine. Teleports at will while conjuring streams of blue flame from the sides of the room. Proves to be a most wily opponent indeed.
38Nygtilger A beast guarding one of the sealed Books of Ys. Wriggles wildly, charging intruders. The only way to defeat it is to avoid its speedy attacks and strike its joints before it slides too far away.
39Vagullion The creature from the mines who annihilated the village of Rastin in a single night. Divides itself into innumerable bats, swarming its prey without mercy. Only vulnerable when it re-forms.
40Pictimos A terrifying bug that flies in at great speed, hurling deadly sickles. Attacks any who disturb its nest, as evidenced by the remains of its victims strewn about. Requires agility to defeat.
41Khonsclard A deadly crimson sphere that surrounds itself with rocks of varying size and shape, and hurls them throughout the room at will. Your only hope of defeating it is to find an opening and take it.
42Yogleks & Omulgun Two heads may be better than one, but these two are worse than anything! As they come in for the attack, one head is real and the other illusory. When damage is dealt, the two tag off.
43Dark Fact A descendant of Fact, one of the Six Priests of Ys, who's become corrupted by a lust for power. Seeks to gather the six Books of Ys for his own nefarious purposes, and will do anything to get them.
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