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Port Barbado CharactersEdit

1Doctor Bludo Sole doctor at the clinic in Barbado Port. Nursed Adol back to health after he was found on Whitehorn Beach. Acts tough around his son, Slaff, but turns to jelly around his nurse, Ayla.
2Nurse Ayla Sole nurse at the clinic in Barbado Port. Kindly treated Adol's wounds after he was found. Generally very sweet, but when she gets mad, she's scary as all hell. That may be why she's still single.
3Slaff Doctor Bludo's only son. Lives in Barbado Port. Saved freshly-beached Adol from being eaten alive by a Rheboll. After the monsters appeared, Slaff founded a militia to fight them.
4Stephan A member of the Barbado militia, known for keeping a cool head at all times. Believes that there is courage in knowing when to run from battle, and when to stay and fight.
5Jacob A Barbado Port resident. Watches over the town from its highest rooftop, patiently and systematically keeping an eye out for any invading monsters. Is known as Slaff's right-hand man.
6Drake A member of the Barbado militia, charged with providing escort to those who travel to the city of Minea or Zepik Village. Seems to have his eye on Minea's dancer.
7Old Man George A popular old man from Barbado. Known to be very wise, often giving advice to youngsters who've lost their way. Incidentally, he's not bald; rather, he apparently shaves his head every day.
8Fisherman Betelo A former trader from Barbado Port. After the Stormwall appeared, trading became impossible, but fishing was more productive than ever. Betelo has a real talent for seeing the bright side.
9Fran A woman living in Barbado. Used to be active in the silver trade, but has become rather despondent ever since the Stormwall appeared. Secretly prays for it to go away, every single night.
10Arcia A woman living in Barbado. Hasn't heard from her friend in Minea since the monsters first appeared. Seriously considering requesting a militia escort for a visit, to assuage her fears.
11Old Man Pastol An old man from a long line of dairy farmers. Primarily breeds pikkards, but hasn't had access to good grazing land since the monsters appeared, so he now operates from Barbado's town square.
12Marco A wide-eyed youth from Barbado Port. Put everything he had into becoming the best trader he could be--but then the Stormwall came and ruined everything. Now, he's just always very sad.
13Torrance A pessimistic young man from Barbado. The sudden troubles in Esteria really shook him up. Wants to move to Minea with his family, but always wusses out when he considers the monsters along the way.
14Rebecca Torrance's wife, and Danny's mother. Born and raised in Barbado, and is a real beach babe at heart, but worries for the safety of her son. Can't decide if moving to Minea is the right decision.
15Danny Barbado's requisite bratty boy. Fascinated by the world outside the town gates. Wants to join the militia when he grows up. Always seen together with the neighbor's daughter, Cheryl.
16Cheryl Little girl in Barbado. Her father wants to return to the mainland, but Cheryl is unwilling to leave her buddy Danny behind. Even more of a menace than he is, always plotting an escape to Minea.
17Mason the Trader A trader in Barbado Port. Lived in the city, but came to Esteria with his family to deal in silver. Now, with the Stormwall, all he thinks about is finding a way back home, away from this madness.
18Sylvia Mason's wife, and Cheryl's mother. Outwardly demure, but actually quite a firecracker. Does her best to support her family through these difficult times, and always remains optimistic.
19Gerald A bartender in Barbado. Due to the Stormwall, his bar gets no new customers these days, despite once being a hopping locale. Constantly dwells on his prior success, which just brings him down.
20Karin A waitress at the bar in Barbado. Since there are no customers anymore, she has more free time than she knows what to do with. As a result, she's been thinking about joining the militia.
21Granny Daria An old lady from Barbado. Her son and daughter-in-law in Minea want her to move in with them, but she refuses to leave her dear hometown--though she does worry about her mischievous grandchild.

Minea Village CharactersEdit

22Reah A dearly beloved troubadour who plays lovely harmonica music for anyone who will listen. Found herself in Minea, and seeks to tighten the spiritual bonds amongst its inhabitants with song.
23Prim A little girl from Minea, born to Julius and Fana. Considers Sara the fortuneteller her best friend, and is always looking for the 'legendary brave soul' on Sara's behalf.
24Fana A woman from Minea. Has been a bit on edge lately with all the rumors of thievery, but takes solace in Minea's safety from monsters. Still, she can't quite bring herself to let her guard down.
25Julius A man from Minea. Has been keeping watch at the city gate to ensure that no children leave the safety of its walls. Spotted a shady man inside the city recently however, and is concerned.
26Archelle Lives with his muscular brother Bron in Minea, but Bron's become hospitalized due to a mining injury, so Archelle is all alone now. He visits Bron at the clinic each and every day.
27Aurora Daughter of Minea's mayor. Always lived a life of frivolity, but now that the cost of commodities has risen, she's been forced to give it up. Presently still searching for a new hobby.
28Cornell Son of Minea's mayor. Due to his unrestricted freedom growing up, he still acts a bit childish. Hearing doom prophesied by Sara the fortuneteller, however, sobered him up quite nicely.
29Johann A boy from Minea. Complains that he hasn't been able to play at the big trees in the north since the monsters came. Believes climbing one of those trees would be the best feeling in the world.
30Hans A young man from Minea who's become obsessed with Pim, the shop owner. Can't wrap his head around how Pim could find an item on the ground yet have the audacity to keep it and sell it.
31Haystack A carpenter living in Minea. Has been exceptionally busy lately due to the influx of immigrants from Barbado. Greatly admires Darm Tower for being such an impossible feat of engineering design.
32Lucca A boy from Minea. Loves it when his grandfather, Franz, tells him the story of the legendary Silver Sword. One day hopes to hold it in his own hands and vanquish monsters with it.
33Boss Bangoa Minea's chief carpenter. Is presently searching for one of his men, Donis, who's been grievously slacking on the job. Intends to smack some sense into Donis, then drag him right back to work.
34Orman Minea's bartender. A man of many muscles, having once worked as a mercenary on the mainland. Has become rather concerned by the ongoing thefts around Minea, and is thus planning a thief hunt.
35Donis A one-eyed drunkard from Minea. Not much to look at, but he has a good heart, and is greatly depressed by the loss of an important item. Should be at work, but fears his boss' fists of fury.
36Garreck A warrior from Minea, hired by Orman to aid in the thief hunt. Has dedicated himself to sampling the world's cuisine, and wishes to find the fabled Roda Seed during his stay in Esteria.
37Ricardo A patron of Orman's bar in Minea who spends every waking hour drinking and gossiping with Cezar. Has been a bit depressed of late due to the hiatus of his beloved troubadour.
38Cezar A drunkard from Minea. Used to be a fan of hard liquor, but has recently discovered the wide world of wine. Always compares vintages, and fancies himself an expert. Plans to wed soon.
39Miner Doug A patron of Orman's bar in Minea. Used to work in the silver mine, but after its closure due to demon infestation, he began drinking heavily-- and he was already a big drinker to begin with.
40Chest A patron of Orman's bar in Minea. Used to be a tour guide, but has been out of a job since the Stormwall first appeared. Remains disturbingly optimistic despite his hardships.
41Old Man Franz An old man from Minea with a great love of Esterian lore. Often reads its legends to his grandson, Lucca, as fairytales. Very close with Sara the fortuneteller, and worries for the future.
42Nikki the Dancer A dancer from Minea. Wears make-up to appear mature, but only just turned 20. Hates when people wallow in depression, so she dances at Orman's bar in an effort to boost everyone's spirits.
43Doctor Klaus Minea's resident doctor. Has been exceptionally busy ever since the monsters appeared, and is more often out and about than in his clinic. A well-reputed, well-liked and dedicated professional.
44Nurse Lisa Head nurse at Klaus' clinic in Minea. Has been handling in-patient care whenever Klaus is out on house calls. Her care and counsel is so desired that many patients pray for a lengthy recovery.
45Theodore A young man hospitalized in Minea with injuries from a Rheboll attack. Narrowly averted death by escaping to the shade of one of the great trees on the plain. The monsters did not follow.
46Bron A young man hospitalized in Minea. Boasts of his might, so when monsters appeared in the mine, he tried to fight them off -- but it didn't go so well. Sleeps off his pain, dreaming of naughty things.
47Old Man Mash An old man hospitalized in Minea. Was struck from behind, and had his Silver Shield stolen by an unknown assailant -- likely one of the thieves from the mountain region, he believes.
48Kain A patient in Minea's clinic. Was attacked by Rhebolls on his way to Minea from Zepik, and seems to have been traumatized by the experience. Still has nightmares about Rhebolls chasing after him.
49Pim A barterer who runs a shady pawn shop in Minea where all goods -- including stolen and lost items -- are fair game. Renowned for never lowering his prices, but claims them all to be negotiable.
50Charme A woman from Minea. Franz's daughter and Lucca's mother. Knows the land's folklore well, just like her father. Claims there was once to be a south gate built in Minea, but the plan was scrapped.
51Buck A former miner from Minea who lost his job when the monsters showed up. Tried to resist, but was unable; and ever since, he's become utterly terrified of the abandoned mine.
52Tabitha Buck's wife. Lives in Minea, despite being daughter to the elder of Zepik. Is very concerned for her father, as he seems gravely troubled, but refuses to discuss it with any of the villagers.
53Mayor Marcel Minea's mayor. A highly trusted figure amongst the townsfolk, but the troubles of late have saddened him. He constantly worries that Minea's walls won't be enough to protect everyone.
54Pamela Mayer Marcel's wife. Offers her husband unconditional support in these trying times. Claims that the wall around the city was not a recent construct, but has been there since antiquity.
55Rosetty An attractive middle-aged man who's been running a weapon shop in Minea for many years. Well-versed in combat; can easily discern the combat potential of customers. Dios' father.
56Dios Minea's armorer. Obsessed with armor, and gets mad if you tell him the best defense is a good offense. Believes instead in survival of the fittest. Son of the weaponsmith, Rosetty.
57Old Man Betel A Minean resident who once climbed a Roda Tree all the way to its tippy-top. Now, he's grown old and weak, but thanks to Dr. Klaus, he's still just as chipper as he ever was.
58Lydia Betel's young daughter. In search of a boyfriend, and isn't very picky about his personality as long as he's handsome -- but won't date younger men. Seems to have seen the black-cloaked man.
59Freddy Daria's son. Lives in Minea. Constantly attempts to convince his mother in Barbado to come live with him in Minea, but she won't hear him out. This has him very troubled.
60Martha Freddy's wife, and Johann's mother. Lives in Minea, but seems unconvinced that the wall around the city offers any real protection. Feels suffocated by the goings-on throughout Esteria.
61Old Man Harrison Charlotte's father and Ephy's grandfather. Once lived in Rastin, but lost his home, his wife and his son-in-law when monsters attacked from the silver mine there.
62Charlotte A woman who lives in Minea after her hometown of Rastin was destroyed by monsters. Once lost the will to live, but regained it by focusing on her daughter, Ephy, and Reah's beautiful music.
63Ephy A very young girl living in Minea after her hometown of Rastin was destroyed. Doesn't understand what happened, and thus hopes to return home one day, and resume her normal life.
64Sara A fortuneteller living in Minea. Renowned for her accuracy, having even predicted the Stormwall and monster invasion. Sees something in Adol, and guides him on a quest to Ys.

Zepik Village CharactersEdit

65Jeba Sara's aunt, who lives in Zepik Village. Extremely well-versed in Esteria's history and culture, herbs, and even fortunetelling. The other villagers really look up to her.
66Mayor Robels Zepik's elder. Guards the Silver Bell, which has been the village's treasure for generations. Seems troubled recently, though, and seeks a kindly non-villager to aid him in an important matter.
67Linda Elbert's wife, and Mark's mother. Lives in Zepik, and is very set in her ways. Serves as a model housewife, devoting herself completely to always making her home a more comfortable one.
68Mark The only child in Zepik, but he doesn't let that get him down! He's perfectly content just playing outside, and can often be found fishing at the lake or basking in the rays of the sun.
69Granny Edda Elbert's mother. Lives in Zepik, and fancies herself an expert in wild plants, nuts, berries and the like. Used to pick Roda Fruit all the time, but lately, it simply hasn't been growing.
70Iris Luta's wife. Lives in Zepik and constantly worries about her husband, who sleepwalks almost every night, often putting himself in grave danger in the process.
71Clive Has the face of an old man, but is only in his twenties. Has grown weary of being single, but lives amongst mostly elderly individuals in Zepik Village, making his girlfriend hunt a challenge.
72Old Man Lahan An old man from Zepik who believes that if monsters exist, then so too must the Goddesses described in the ancient legends. As such, he spends his days praying for the Goddesses to appear.
73Palma A woman from Zepik who worries about her health faltering due to the large number of elderly individuals living around her. Also worries about the elder due to his frantic behavior.
74Old Man Cronen An old man from Zepik who used to work as a miner. In those days, he recalls there were two Goddess statues enshrined in a mine cavern -- but one day, one of them simply disappeared!
75Demi A kindly, reserved woman from Zepik ,beloved by all the villagers. Recommends speaking with an old woman named Jeba if you have any questions pertinent to your adventure.
76Old Man Pablo An old man living in Zepik who absolutely loves fishing at the lake, and does so every single day. He rarely ever catches anything but he doesn't seem to mind -- he just enjoys the sun!
77Granny Lucia A deeply devout old woman from Zepik who believes that the village's treasure, the Silver Bell, is what keeps the monsters at bay. She feels that its tonal quality has a purifying effect.
78Elbert Linda's husband, and Mark's father. As one of the few young men in Zepik, he feels it's his duty to patrol for monsters. Recently spotted the man in the black cloak pass through to the north.
79Granny Soya An old lady from Zepik who adores ghost stories, and readily blames unexplained occurrences on ghosts. Warns of a hooded spirit in the shrine to the north, though who can say if it's real?
80Granny Tohbe An open-minded old lady from Zepik, who seems willing to give anyone the benefit of the doubt. When asked about the monsters or the thieves, she simply says, 'I don't know what they're thinking.'
81Old Man Corvo An old man from Zepik who was rescued from monsters by Goban. Now regards the thieves as honorable individuals, and believes the recent incidents must have been someone else's doing.
85Feena A girl Adol rescues from a cold, lonely cell beneath the shrine. Doesn't remember anything but her name, and has no idea why she'd been locked away in the first place.
86Luta Gemma A poet and troubadour from Zepik who sleepwalks almost nightly, constantly worrying his wife by wandering out to the plains without even realizing it. Started around the time the monsters came.

Thieves' Den and Darm Tower CharactersEdit

82Goban Head of the bandits residing in the Thieves' Den at the foot of Darm Tower. Would never rob from the weak or defenseless, and is highly respected by all those who serve under him.
83Lugan the Thief A young thief working under Goban, and the first thief Goban recruited. Has a foul mouth and an even fouler temperament, but is a very honorable man who would never betray anyone's trust.
84Morgan the Thief A fat thief who seems like a ruffian at first, but has a real heart of gold. Used to work in the mines with Goban and almost lost his life down there, but Goban saved him from his fate.
87Dogi One of Goban's men, with a penchant for breaking walls. Rescues Adol from prison in the Tower of Darm, along with Luta Gemma. Strong, kindly and loyal, he and Adol quickly become friends.
88Raba A scholar hiding out in a secret room in Darm Tower. Came to Esteria 6 months ago to research its ancient ruins, and happened to be in the tower when the monsters first appeared.
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