This is the official 2 CD Soundtrack release to Ys: The Oath in Felghana. As the game is a remake of Ys III: Wanderers from Ys, all the tracks are arrangements of the Ys III Soundtrack.

Track list Edit

Disc 1Edit

# Track name Artist Length Notes YouTube
1 A Premonition = Styx = Mieko Ishikawa 2:25 Title Screen Link
2 The Oath in Felghana ~ A Premonition = Styx = JDK SoundTeam 2:46 Opening Link
3 Trading Village of Redmont Mieko Ishikawa 3:44 Redmont Link
4 Quiet Moments Mieko Ishikawa 2:40 Link
5 Welcome!! Mieko Ishikawa 1:54 Link
6 Prelude to the Adventure Mieko Ishikawa 2:53 Field Link
7 The Boy's Got Wings Mieko Ishikawa,
Yuzo Koshiro
3:20 Field Link
8 Be careful Mieko Ishikawa 3:56 Tigray Quarry Link
9 Dark Beasts as Black as the Night Mieko Ishikawa 3:12 Boss Battle Link
10 Illburns Ruins Mieko Ishikawa 3:21 Illburns Ruins Link
11 The Theme of Chester Masaaki Kawai 3:02 Chester Stoddart's Theme Link
12 A Searing Struggle Mieko Ishikawa 4:36 Link
13 Snare of Darkness Mieko Ishikawa 2:38 Link
14 Shock of the Death God Mieko Ishikawa 3:18 Boss Battle Link
15 Quickening Dream Mieko Ishikawa 1:29 Game Over Link
16 Steeling the Will to Fight Mieko Ishikawa 4:23 Elderm Mountains Link
17 Dear My Brother Masaaki Kawai 2:21 Link
18 Tearful Twilight Mieko Ishikawa 3:53 Link

Disc 2Edit

# Track name Artist Length Notes YouTube
1 Introduction!! Masaaki Kawai 1:48 Link
2 Valestein Castle Mieko Ishikawa 4:16 Valestein Castle Link
3 Prayer for Love Mieko Ishikawa 2:11 Link
4 Sealed Time Mieko Ishikawa 3:32 Clock Tower Link
5 Chop!! Masaaki Kawai 4:31 Boss Battle (Chester) Link
6 Lovely Elena Masaaki Kawai 3:48 Elena Events Link
7 Believe in my heart Masaaki Kawai 4:25 Link
8 Beat of Destruction Mieko Ishikawa 3:25 Link
9 Tower of Destiny Mieko Ishikawa 3:37 Link
10 Behold!! Mieko Ishikawa 1:39 Boss Battle (Garland) Link
11 The Strongest Foe Mieko Ishikawa 5:01 Boss Battle (Galbalan) Link
12 Farewell ~Dear My Brother~ Masaaki Kawai 1:17 Link
13 Departure at Sunrise Mieko Ishikawa 5:36 Ending Link
14 Wanderers from Ys Mieko Ishikawa 3:51 Ending Link
15 Radiant Key Mieko Ishikawa 1:39 Link
16 Dancing on the road Mieko Ishikawa 0:51 Unused track Link
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