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Ys (イース), also known as the Ancient Kingdom of Ys,[JP 1] is a place in Esteria. It is best known as the land that floated above Esteria's the surface for 700 years. It serves as the setting for Ys II: Ancient Ys Vanished – The Final Chapter.

Background Edit

Ys, a country of order and freedom, was established 800 years before the start of the series.[1] Ys was a wildly prosperous land, ruled by the twin Goddesses Reah and Feena and their six priestly retainers. Together with the founding of Ys, the beautiful jewel Black Pearl was created and, as source of all magic in Ys, enabled all its residents to enact miracles at will through the use of magic. Ys was home to a precious metal known as Cleria, which brought the country its wealth and prosperity.

About six months before the events of Ys Origin, however, a horde of demons led by the Darklings began to invade the land of Ys, bringing death and devastation in their wake. Their numbers and their might were too much for the knights and sorcerers of Ys to handle, so the people sought shelter in the Shrine of Solomon, their holiest of temples at the top of the tallest mountain. In a desperate attempt to keep these people safe, the twin Goddesses used the power of the Black Pearl to tear this temple from the ground and raise it into the heavens, away from the ever-growing threat below.

Ys Origin Edit

The demons erected Darm Tower, a huge tower from where Dalles held a ritual to pull Ys back to the ground and complete the Black Pearl, a plan orchestrated by Cain Fact. Toal Fact, his son, was able to foil this plan before Ys was pulled down completely. The goddesses were able to seal Cain Fact, who had fused himself with the Black Pearl to become Darm, away. Ys rose to the skies again.

Ys II Edit

700 Years later, Darm is reawakened by Dark Fact. Adol Christin was able to reach the floating land of Ys by collecting the six Books of Ys. He killed Darm with the Silver Sword strengthened by the goddesses. The goddesses sealed the Black Pearl's power for good to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands again. As the Black Pearl's magic allowed Ys to float, the floating land returned to the ground, falling into the crater called Bagyu Ba'dead it left behind when it rose into the sky.


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