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Wenuca (ウェヌカ?) is a Rehdan woman from Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim. She wants to help out in her husband Seblo's craftsman shop, but she is rather clumsy and self-conscious about it.

In Games[]

Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim[]

Since she wants to be able to better help her husband with his craftsman shop, Wenuca starts helping out other people in Rehdan Village in order to build up confidence. She first tries to help Sola with the village's cooking, but gives up after putting too much salt in the food. She then tries to help Toksa and Nahrya as a fisherman, but also keeps messing up.

After Rehda Village is attacked by the Romun army and her husband Seblo is injured and unable to work, Wenuca returns to his craftman shop and helps there again. She finds out that she has been failing at the things she tried not because she was clumsy, but because she was not trying hard enough. She stops using her clumsiness as an excuse and simply tries her best, and is proud of trying even when she fails. Seblo mentions that he is happy that his injury gave Wenuca a chance to develop some confidence.