Warden of Evolution is a role and curse for those chosen by the Great Tree of Origins' Selection and Rejection process, called Lacrimosa, to watch the world after it wipes out all but one races from the world. The most important requirement to become one of these is to have a pure and bright soul. An insignia will be placed on the chosen's body as a symbol that they were chosen. Each of the Wardens once fought to stop the Lacrimosa but ended up accepting it in the end, as fighting it would be futile.

During the true ending, all of the Wardens were freed from their insignia and decided to help Dana watch the new world, while Adol will keep going on various adventures.

Wardens Edit

Hydra Edit

A tall man resembling a marine creature. He leads his marine species to prosperity but got chosen at the start of their era's Lacrimosa. He is the one who built the Seren Garden and the Tree of Psyches situated at the Valley of Kings. He is the one who knew the tree's ability to stop the Great Tree's Lacrimosa but the psyche of their species was not enough to stop it.

Minos Edit

A tall muscled beastlike being whose appearance is indicating his rugged temperament. He lead his species during the Ice era as their king. As the Lacrimosa hit their civilization, he discovered the Tree of Psyches and tried to use it to stop the Lacrimosa. But in the end the accumulated psyche was not enough to grow the tree into its maturity.

Nestor Edit

A woman with insect like features. She also lead her species as Queen until she was chosen as Warden and her world destroyed by the Lacrimosa. She also discovered the Tree of Psyches.

Ura Edit

A woman who mimiced the appearance of the Aegian Princess, Sarai. Her people descended from the skies and used their power of mimicry to claim dominion over their world. However their civilization was also destroyed, leaving her as the last member of her race.

Dana Iclucia Edit

The Maiden of the Great Tree during the Eternian Era. Her species evolved from Saurians, later known as Primordials, making them tall and powerful. She became a warden after her fight with Le-Kyanos, the mysterious Primordial she encountered in the fog in front of the Great Tree of Origins. She also tried to stop the Lacrimosa, but the impending calamity and weather abnormalities after the meteor strike almost made her surrender. However she sealed herself at the base of the Great Tree and became known as a natural distortion to the world's cycle along with Adol.

Adol Christin Edit

The main protagonist of the game. He became involved with the Lacrimosa because of his dreams about Dana's past. He was chosen after he defeated Le-Erythros inside the fog.

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