Ura (ウーラ?) is the fourth Warden of Evolution, who lived in the Sky Era. She belongs to a race who came from the sky and which could perfectly mimic other races.

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As the other Wardens before her, she was unable to stop the Lacrimosa and save her species.

During the Eternian Era, Ura went to search a new Warden in the Kingdom of Eternia. She used the fact that Sarai, the princess of Eternia, was a very sickly child to enter the elite of the Eternians. The day Sarai passed away due to her illness, Ura mimicked her appearance and personality and assumed her place.

Some years later Ura, still acting as Sarai, became a candidate to become the new Maiden of the Great Tree. In her training she became good friends with Dana Iclucia and Olga. When the old Maiden stepped down and Dana became the new Maiden, Sarai returned to the capital. A while later, Queen Elaine abdicated the throne and Sarai succeeded her. The Eternian Kingdom flourished under the reign of Queen Sarai and Maiden Dana, until they were hit by the Lacrimosa.

After this Lacrimosa began with a meteor shower, Ura disappeared from the Eternian Kingdom and began acting as Warden of Evolution again and concealed her face. After Dana was appointed the next Warden of Evolution, Ura tried to stop her from pointlessly struggling against her fate. Even after all the Eternians had died, Dana defiantly put herself in a long sleep until she was woken up by Adol Christin.

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