Toal Fact, a.k.a. "The Claw" is Ys Origin's final playable main character, unlocked after finishing the game's story mode as either Yunica or Hugo. He is the older brother of Hugo and son of the strongest Priest of Ys, Cain Fact. He was once one of the most promising Holy Knights of Ys, before betraying his nation by accepting demonic powers, and serving the sorcerer Dalles to fulfill his own goals.


As the oldest son of Cain Fact, Toal was supposed to become his successor as one of the Six Priests. He refused this, however, to join the Holy Knights protecting the twin goddesses. He was disinherited for this and his brother Hugo Fact became the new successor of House Fact. Toal became Captain of the Holy Knights and began to become good friends with the goddesses, in particular with Reah.

When Ys was attacked by demons and the goddesses raised Ys into the sky, Toal and the Commander of the Holy Knights, Saul Tovah, stayed behind on the ground to hold off the demons and buy time. They fought against the Darklings but Saul was defeated by Kishgal and Toal had to surrender. The Darklings recruited him as a new member and he accepted a piece of the Demonic Essence within him, becoming part demon. He also exchanged his Silver Sword for a pair of Claws.


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