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Tia (ティア) is an herb-seller living in the slums of Altago City's Old Town. Modest and polite, but can hold her own when the need arises. Though she lives a meager existence, she has an air of contentedness around her, due in no small part to the motherly care she provides daily for her adopted sister Maya. Her knowledge of medicinal flowers and herbs provides much-needed help to many people throughout Altago, and is almost solely responsible for the residents of Old Town surviving as long as they have.


Tialuna Rem Iskalia (ティアルナ=レム=イスカリア?), the Maiden of Demise (終焉の巫女), is the actual Eldress of Iska whose role is to initiate the Wind of Destruction. She is the main antagonist of Ys Seven.


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