Thanatos Beldine (タナトス・ベルダイン?) is the foster father of Ricotta and a Sub Cast of Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana.

An old lone explorer, Thanatos has researched the continent of Afroca for many years and explored even the southern Sahala Desert. He has a very carefree character and tends to take everything with humor.

Character Description Edit

Appearance and Personality Edit

Thanatos is a muscular man aged 68 years old, his skin is typical for explorers but his physical appearance will make it a mystery.

He has light brown hair swayed to the left and beard covering his entire lower jaw and chin. He wears black gloves and white collared long sleeve shirt topped with a leather vest, lastly an orange colored bandana tied at his neck.

Character Plot Edit

Two years prior from the game, while he was preparing for another large-scale expedition, the ship he boarded sunk by the same creature that destroyed the Lombardia. He got stranded on the Isle of Seiren afterwards and decided to study the mysterious island. He left various notes he signed as "T" on his venture and at some point, met and became Ricotta's foster father with a cabin on Gendarme Mountain as their home.

About a month before the Lombardia was sunk, Thanatos went on an expedition to the northen part of the island, but was captured by a pterosaur which brought him to its nest in the northern region. He managed to escape and went to investigate the ancient ruins of Aegias he had seen from above.

He met Adol's party afterwards, including his daughter Ricotta, while Hummel Trabaldo revealed his secret contract- that he came to Seiren Island for Thanatos' parcel: a Glass of Pickles and a Blueprint for a ship. This contract was consequently accepted by Hummel even from a bottled messaged Thanatos threw way back from the day he got stranded, and who knows when did he accepted it either way.

Subsequently, the group headed deeper into the city as Adol and company grew more curiosity to the lost civilization. Way past the Aegian's Sacred Temple the group recovered the last Eternian, Dana Iclucia, who is concealed inside a protective orb at the base of the Great Tree of Origins. Thanatos and Dana were taken to the Castaway Village later on.

As an explorer, Thanatos is very interested in Adol Christin and his adventures. He also shares some of his stories and tips with Adol, particularly about his travels to Afroca. He mentions that he plans to show Ricotta around the world after they leave the Isle of Seiren, and hopes to meet Adol if he ever travels to Afroca. The epilogue of the true end shows him and Ricotta exploring Afroca.


  • His first name, Thanatos, is a greek primodial god of death and a servant of Hades, his name also means for "Death".
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