Spirits are embodiments of Essence appearing during the Eternian Era. Due to her powerful Essence, Dana Iclucia has the rare ability to see them and frees them from Essence rifts they're trapped in. In return they share their powers with Dana. Freeing spirits also increases Dana's Virtue, allowing her to advance deeper into the Sanctuary Crypt.

Image Name Reward
Jenya, Spirit of Life 20 Essence Fragments

Max HP increased by 300

Amy, Spirit of Possessions 1 Full Medicine

Amy sells various items at the entrance of the Sanctuary Crypt for Essence Fragments

Wagmur, Spirit of the Wood Unlocks the Gratika Style
Lindell, Spirit of Whispers
Plau, Spirit of the Raindrop
Eld, Spirit of the River Enhanced Iclucian Style:
  • Increases SP gains even further.
  • Gain a Freeze effect when using the Dragon Spirit ability.
Astios, Spirit of Light Unlocks the Luminous Style
Orvis, Spirit of the Midnight Sun Enhanced Gratika Style:
  • Enemies are stunned more easily.
  • HP gradually recovers when using the Dragon Spirit ability.
Kushna, Spirit of Darkness
Selene, Spirit of Covenants Enhanced Luminous Style:
  • Burn effect added to attacks.
  • Dragon Spirit will damage nearby enemies and afflict them with the Burn status.
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