Sir Carlan (カーラン卿?) is a Romun noble who was one of the passengers of the Lombardia when she sank and drifted ashore the Isle of Seiren. Because of his egocentric views and refusal to help the other castaways, he is at odds with the other castaways for most of the time.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DanaEdit

Adol Christin and his party encounter him and Kiergaard Weissman in the Towering Coral Forest, where Sir Carlan complains about his injured ankle. Carlan wants to be carried to Castaway Village by Laxia von Roswell because she is the only one of nobility nearby. When Dogi comes by and offers to bring them to the village, Carlan defiantly shows that he can walk fine.

After Sir Carlan joined Castaway Village he wanted everyone to focus on leaving the island as soon as possible, ignoring the other people who might have washed ashore on the Isle of Seiren. When Adol's search party called all the castaways to help remove some rubble, Sir Carlan only complained about having to walk there and left back for Castaway Village without helping.

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After the Nameless Ripper's attack on Barbaros, Sir Carlan started to panic and tried to flee Seiren Island in the village's small rowboat. He was attacked by the Oceanus, the same Primordial that sank the Lombardia shortly after. While some of the crushed boats parts washed ashore again, the other castaways found no trace of Carlan himself and declared him dead.

Some time later, Adol's party rebuilt the rowboat to explore Solitude Island, a small island in the southern bay of the Isle of Seiren, and look for more survivors there. To their surprise, they found Sir Carlan and brought him back to Castaway Village. The experience of being left completely alone without food for days humbled him slightly and he started to appreciate Castaway Village more.

After returning to the village he is shocked to hear about Captain Barbaros' death. Despite putting on a rude behavior at first, he immediately goes to Barbaros' grave. He notes to Adol that, while he didn't like the Captain, he certainly deserved better than that.

During his Approval Event, Euron and Dogi ask Adol for help with their resource management plans. Sir Carlan then steps in and shows how they could be optimized, saying he learned this from his father. From then on he helped by managing Castaway Village's resources and bookkeeping.


  • Sir Carlan has the only raid skill to negatively impact Adol's party in raids by strengthening the enemies' attack.
  • In the dialogue after returning his Gold Emblem to him, he tells Adol of the Carlan family history: The Carlan family was formed 300 years ago by a marquis named Arnos Zehar Carlan in a territory called the "Gorgeous Capital".
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