The Shrine of Solomon is a dungeon in Ys I: Ancient Ys Vanished ~ Omen.

When Ys was lifted into the air, part of the Temple of Solomon was left behind on the ground, in Esteria. Upon entering, the shrine appears very small, but there is a golden statue on the right end of the room. Anyone bearing the Tovah crystal can use the statue to enter the deeper levels of the shrine.

Sometime after a young and ambitious Dark Fact had learned ancient secrets to summon monsters, he summoned monsters all over Esteria in an effort to secure all remaining Cleria and the six Books of Ys for himself. Some monsters were summoned into the Shrine of Solomon, and he revived the sorcerer, Jenocres, to keep people out of the shrine's depths. During this time, he had one of the twin goddesses, Feena, locked in the shrine's underground prison, where she somehow became an amnesiac.

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