Shoebill (ハシビロコウ?) is a female shoebill who showed up on the cliff near Castaway Village one day. Most of the time she neither moves nor makes sounds, but she gladly accepts the fish Adol offers her and sometimes returns a gift herself.

When Ricotta joins Castaway Village, she reveals that Shoebill was the one who raised her and protected her when she was young. As such, Ricotta calls Shoebill her mentor. Ricotta is the only one who understands Shoebill, but Shoebill seems to understand human language. She thinks birds and humans don't get along well, which is why she kept her distance when Ricotta met her foster father Thanatos Beldine.

Shoebill came to Castaway Village to make sure the castaways weren't a threat to Ricotta. When she was convinced they weren't dangerous, she offered to help defend the village during Raids.

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