Known Aliases

Altaginian Falcon


Ys Seven


Commander of the Dragon Knights
Knight of Despair

Voice Actor (JP)

Takahiko Sakaguma

Voice Actor (EN)

Scias (サイアス) was a commander of the Dragon Knights who appeared to have served bravely during the war between the Kingdom of Altago and Romun. His moniker is the Altagian Falcon which he earned from his naval exploits of stopping a ship full of Romun soldiers with just him and General Dreisen.

In Ys Seven, it was later revealed that Scias really serves Tialuna as the Knight of Despair and that he was the assassin behind the King Kiemarl's death. Scias served as a Boss in two separate fights, one of which requires Adol and company to lose. The first fight in the throne room is a fixed fight that Scias is scripted to win. Later in the Well of Souls, he is killed by Adol in their second fight. Before he dies, he apologizes to Aisha and Adol for assassinating the King Kiemarl and framing Adol for the King's death. 


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