Saul Tovah is a Commander of the Holy Knights of Ys appearing in Ys Origin. He is Yunica Tovah's father.


Saul Tovah was the Commander of the Holy Knights when Ys was attacked by demons. While the goddesses raised Ys into the sky to escape the attack, Saul remained on the ground to hold back the demon, together with the Captain of the Holy Knights, Toal Fact. He was challenged to a duel with Kishgal of the Clan of Darkness three times, after he was already wounded and fatigued from fighting off the demons. Saul managed to force Kishgal into retreat the first time, while the second duel ended in a draw. In the third duel he was defeated and killed by Kishgal. Kishgal held him in high regard, saying he was a "respectable mage and wielded his greatsword as if it were a rapier."

Ys OriginEdit

Saul's spirit makes an appearance on the Guilty Fire tier of the Darm Tower when Yunica Tovah, Hugo Fact or Toal Fact find Saul's greatsword, the Crimson Lotusblade.

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