Sarai (サライ?) is the princess of the Eternian Kingdom and a childhood friend of Dana Iclucia and Olga, with whom she trained to become the next Maiden of the Great Tree. A few years after Dana is declared the next Maiden, she is crowned Queen of Eternia as Queen Elaine abdicated the throne.


Sarai has a gentle and cheerful personality, and treats everyone equally. She loved listening to rumors as a kid, and would watch over Dana the troublemaker who caused trouble to those around her, and Olga who would scold her for it, when they were young. Sarai is more conservative and isn't one to initiate action, but she occasionally makes scathing remarks that even makes Olga utter a groan.


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Sarai was known as a very sickly child throughout the kingdom and was hence rarely seen by the general public. Unknown to the public and most likely even the royal family themselves, princess Sarai actually succumbed to her illness when she was still very young. Ura, one of the Wardens of Evolution used this opportunity to take her position and search for the next Warden of Evolution. Ura was part of a species that came from the sky and could use mimicry to perfectly copy the appearance and personality of other beings. Ura continued to impersonate Sarai for years until the next Lacrimosa happened.

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