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Ys V: Kefin, The Lost City of Sand


Guard captain
Royalty of Kefin

Voice Actor (JP)

Noriko Fujimoto

Voice Actor (EN)

Rije (リジェ) is a guard captain at the village of Xandria in Ys V: Kefin, The Lost City of Sand. She seems to be working with Dorman for mysterious reasons...


Rije is actually the last member of the royalty from the ancient city of Kefin. When the seal on Kefin got weakened three years ago before the events of the game, she escaped along with some of her soldiers. She manipulated Dorman, tempting him with the power of alchemy that lies within Kefin, so he would start collecting the six crystals, which act as keys to unsealing the ancient city.

In GamesEdit

Ys V: Kefin, The Lost City of SandEdit

Adol first encounter Rije when he arrives at the village of Xandria. Just as soldiers demand that Adol be inspected due to increase in robbery, Rije shows up and orders them to let him go. While she initially appears favorable to Adol, it becomes increasingly apparent that she is plotting something insidious with Dorman as Adol finds more crystals.

Later on, she shows her true colors after her partner Dorman is defeated. Calling Dorman useless, she holds Niena hostage and demands Adol to hand over all the crystals. After Adol complies, she reveals her identity as the royalty of Kefin and breaks the seal, causing the ancient city to appear once again. She then teleports to Kefin with Niena. In order to rescue Niena and prevent the city of Kefin from harming rest of the world with its alchemy, Adol travels to Kefin.

After aiding the resistance against Kefin's oppressive regime, Adol sets off to destroy the Philosopher's Stone, the source of Kefin's alchemy. On his way to the core of Kefin where the Philosopher's Stone is placed, Adol encounters Rije again. Rije states that she has captured the Evil gang, Niena, and Stan and will use them as sacrifices for the Philosopher's Stone. Adol chases after her and reaches the core where he rescues his allies. There, Adol confronts Rije and Jabir, the alchemist who has been controlling Kefin from shadows. In the ensuing battle, Adol comes out a victor and destroys the Philosopher's Stone. Without its source of power, Kefin starts to disappear. Adol and his allies escape with the citizens of Kefin but Rije, with her goal completely thwarted, accepts her fate and remains in the crumbling city.



  • In the original concept, Rije was a man as seen in the image above. Also, "he" wasn't a royalty of Kefin but a loyal retainer of the King of Kefin, the character who didn't appear in the game. In the end, "he" would be defeated by Adol in a battle. 
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