Raud (ラウド) is a commander of the Dragon Knights and the son of Orbus, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Altago. He comes off as a loud and arrogant individual who often mistreat those he views inferior as compared to his privilege status. His haughty actions are reflected in the discipline of the Dragon Knights that serve under him.

In Ys Seven, Adol and Dogi first ran into Raud trying to coerce Tia to submitting to him while bullying both her and Maya. Once Adol and Dogi tried to intervene, Raud turned his attention towards them and captured them under the pretense of suspecting the two of being Romun spies. Even after their release, Raud refused to return their confiscated weapons back to them.

On several occasions, Raud tried to subjugate Tia to his authority. He once tried to enforce an arbitrary order that forbids Tia from selling flowers in Altago. In another instance, he personally wen to the Old Town to harass Tia. When Tia wanted access to Altago's Old Waterways to find some Scarlet Crystals, Tia almost gave into Raud until Aisha commanded him to leave them alone.

After the assassination of King Kiemarl, Dreisen lead Raud, Sigroon and Scias to the Ruins Island to capture Adol and company while also believing to be saving Aisha from her kidnappers. He then let Ursa torture Adol in order to break him before his execution in the Grand Coliseum the next day.

After Adol escaped, Orbus took control of the royal decree and made an agreement with Zanzibar to clear out Old Town to establish a merchant district. Upon hearing this, Raud again made a trip to Old Town to give Tia one last chance to give in to him to save her house. Tia replied indifferently and left which seem to have annoyed Raud. 

During the Massacre in the Palace, it was not made clear why Scias let Raud live as the former killed everyone that stood in his way. When Adol and company found him, Raud was on his knees with a slain Orbus beside him. When Adol confronted him, Raud angrily denounced and blamed Adol for what's happening and accusing the latter of conspiring with Scias.

The resulting chaos, the Dragon Knights were nearly wiped out, leaving Raud wandering confused and angry around town. He came across Maya who suddenly collapsed so he took her into his care. During the ending, Raud protected Maya as she made her way across the Altago Plains to mysteriously find Tialuna before she sublimated away.

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