Primordials, also called Ancient Species, are reptilian beings that lived during the Eternian Era, when the were known as Saurians.


There are various different kinds of Primordials with different appearances. They have evolved by the evolution cycle bestowed by the Great Tree of Origins. Some have the ability to live on marsh and deep water areas.

Most are feral in nature and have the tendency to kill or destroy whoever they face. Most of all, the large Primordials have much tougher scales that can only be damaged by a rare ore called Orichalcum found only on the Isle of Seiren.


Not much is known about the exact era of the Primordials as it can only be studied through fossilized bones. Lord Roswell, and his daughter Laxia, a Garman noble house are some of the leading researchers on Primordials.

The process of evolution brought forth by the Great Tree of Origins' selection and rejection benefited the Primordials and allowed them to conquer sea, earth and sky. The Eternians were the most advanced race of Primordials, building a blooming civilization comparable with the one of humans. Most of their technological advances have been reached through the use of Essence, a variable power gifted by the Great Tree.

Eternians and other Primordials generally coexisted rather peacefully, with the Eternians even domesticating certain races. They also hunted Primordials, for instance if they were disrupting transports between different parts of the kingdom.

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