Orbus (オルバス総理大臣) was the Prime Minister of Altago and the father of Raud. Orbus appears pompous and strategically minded. He often let Raud behave boisterously which is reflected in the discipline of the Dragon Knights that serve under Raud.

In Ys Seven, Orbus is shown to side with the business elites of Altago like Zanzibar which the two brokered to have the Old Town cleared off to rennovate for a merchant oriented neighborhood. After King Kiemarl's assassination, Orbus insist that Adol is the culprit which he forced princess Aisha to comply with Adol's punishment of execution in the Coliseum. After Adol escaped, Orbus persistently had the Dragon Knights setup checkpoints throughout Altago to flush out Adol.

During the Massacre in the Palace, Orbus was slain by Scias.

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