"You think my ears and tail unusual? Eresians ....Outsiders are always surprised. But we find people with small ears and no tails, such as yourself. Quite strange. Tee--Hee-- That makes us even!"
Olha (オルハ) is the reigning priestess of the Rehda tribe that live on Quatera Island. She expects her sister Isha to succeed her one day. She is adept with a longbow, and skilled at playing her flute.

History Edit

Ohla is the niece of Ord, Leader of the Rehda and current Priestess of the Rehda village. She is well liked and respected throughout her village and many look upon her for hope and guidance. Ten years before Adol is washed ashore, three mighty beast known as the Wandering Calamities attacked Rehda village killing many, including Ohla and Isha's parents. After the death of her parents Ohla was chosen as the next Priestess, as she was much older than Isha.

Plot Edit

In the beginning of Ys VI, Ohla and her younger sister Isha are on the beach, Ohla playing here flute and Isha close by listening. After Ohla finishes her melody Isha spots something strange on the other side of the beach. Both Ohla and Isha go over to take a closer look and discover that it's a person, Adol Christin, that has washed ashore. Surprised that an "eresian" would wash up on their island, Ohla quickly hurries to Rehda village for help. Asking Isha to watch over him in her absent she heads back. After Ohla leaves, Isha has a vision while looking at Adol. The vision to her is unclear but it was enough to frighten her to the point of her body trembling.

Once Ohla and the others bring Adol back to the village, she is then scolded by her Uncle and Chief Ord, stating many don't trust eresians and her helping one would make things worse. Adol briefly regains consciousness, however he is to weak to move. Adol is only able to tell them that he can understand them by nodding slowly and giving them his name before, he again, passes out.

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