Norse (ノース教) is a religion indigenous to the Gllia region.

Background Edit

Norse reveres the gods Grimnir (グリムニル) and Luki (ル・キ), also known as the King of Gods and the Closer, respectively. It is believed that the world was created through an endless battle between the two gods and that the world will be destroyed at the end of their battle, in a cataclysmic event known as the Twilight of the Gods (神々の黄昏).

The introduction of the Deo-christa religion from other regions caused concern among citizens regarding the end of the world teaching. Higher-ups used the Church's influence to realise the subjugation of the Gllia region and convert it to deo-christa. Ever since Norse has been abolished.

Trivia Edit

  • Norse is based on Norse mythology: Grimnir was one of Odin's names and Luki an alternative spelling of Loki; Twilight of the Gods can also be translated as Ragnarök.
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