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The Nameless Ripper, also known as Nemo or Nameless (and as Nameless Slasher in the PlayStation Vita version of Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana), is a serial killer who terrorizes Romn. He kills seemingly random people with a bladed instrument and leaves a note signed "Nemo" at the crime scene.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana Edit

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Ys 8 Nemo Note 1

The Nameless Ripper's first note after his attack on Barbaros

Romun military police officer Euron boarded the Lombardia after he received a tip by his partner, stating that the Nameless Ripper was on board. A while after the Lombardia shipwrecked and the survivors who were washed ashore on the Isle of Seiren had set up a base in Castaway Village, Captain Barbaros was attacked by the Nameless Ripper. Barbaros got away with a wound, but the attack struck fear into the castaways.

Ys 8 Nemo Note 2

The Nameless Ripper's second note after Sir Carlans boat sunk

Sir Carlan panicked and tried to flee the island in the small boat the castaways had built. His attempt was thwarted by the same giant sea monster that attacked the Lombardia, which sunk Sir Carlans boat.

Ys 8 Steelwire

The steelwire used in the Nameless Ripper's traps

Adol's party investigated and found a steelwire trap just outside Castaway Village, a weapon commonly used by Romun guerrila warfare troops. They soon found a suspect after combining their new evidence with their previous interrogations. The Nameless Ripper quickly revealed his identity once confronted and fled the village. On pursuit, Captain Barbaros walked into one of his traps and received a fatal wound. Adol's party caught up with the Nameless Ripper and fought him. After the fight, the Nameless Ripper tried to retreat but was eaten by the Avalodragil.

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