Mu-Anti the Wind Dragon (風竜 « ム=アンティ »), also known as the Dragon of Breath, is one of the Five Dragons of Altago. He is revered by the people of Kylos, one of the Five Tribes of Altago. His role is to safeguard those who live in peace.

Mu-Anti is located in the apex of the mountains within the Holy Precincts of Wind. From where Adol first spoke to the Dragon in the Wind Altar, the hero ventured to the end of the Wind Sanctum to find the dragon. After defeating Mu-Anti, the Dragon would grant Mishera her Extra Skill and condensed in to the Wind Dragon Stone. However, little clues were given about the Wind of Destruction which actually had no connections with the Dragon himself.

With the defeat of the Root, Mu-Anti departed from Altago with the rest of the five dragons.

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