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Ys IX promotional art showing all Monstrums

List of Monstrums[]

Name Voice Actor Monstrum Ability (Gifts)
Name Function Meter Exhaust[1]
Crimson King Yuki Kaji Crimson Line Fly to nearest pre-determined spots 10% per use
75% on enemies
White Cat Mikako Komatsu Heaven's Run Run up on vertical walls with 30% per second
Hawk Kaito Ishikawa Hunter Descent Glide a cross a short distance 20% per second
Doll Aina Suzuki Third Eye See hidden traces or keypoints 2% per second
Raging Bull Ayane Sakura Valkyrie Hammer Break through cracked walls 40% per use
Renegade Hiro Shimono Shadow Dive Dive into shadow to pass through some gaps on walls 17.5% per second
(indefinite at location impossible to restore)
Aprilis Haruka Michii Not playable

Fake Monstrums[]

Three criminals who dress up as Doll, Hawk and White Cat in Chapter 4. They reappear in later chapters as comic relief.

Name Faking
Gordo Hawk
Toto Doll
Pak White Cat

Truth of the Monstrums[]

Ys 9 Logo.png Spoiler warning!
This section contains plot details of Ys IX: Monstrum Nox.
Do not read it if you have not played the game and intend to play the game in the future.

Rosvita and her partners during the Hundred Years' War

Adol, Aprilis and all monstrums in the ED

Later in the game, it was revealed that Aprilis, along with all other Monstrums are homunculi created by Zola to fight the Grimwald Nox. They were originally planned to be raised and trained by the older version of themselves, Aprilis, and Zola. But when Zola disappeared and the previous generations of Monstrums died, Aprilis found the job too difficult to do by herself. So she faked their identities as war orphans and sent them away to be adopted. Once they became old enough to join the fight in Grimwald Nox, she seeked them out and activated their power by shooting an alchemy bullet at them to turn them into Monstrums.


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