Minea (ミネアの町?) is the largest city in Esteria.

Background Edit

With thick walls surrounding it on all sides, Minea became the safest place to live in Esteria after the monster outbreak. Home to a clinic, an armory, a weaponsmith, a bustling tavern, a fortuneteller's pavilion and a shady pawn shop alike, Minea is truly the ideal hub for any adventurer lucky enough to be trapped on its side of the Stormwall.

The streets can get a bit crowded, though: after the closure of Rastin Mine and subsequent attacks on Rastin Village, all the displaced miners and their families migrated to Minea, trusting its walls to keep them safe from any further harm.

Locations Edit

  • Sara's Fortunes
  • Rosetty's Weaponry
  • Dios' Armory
  • Klaus' Clinic
  • Orman's Spirits
  • Pim's Pawn
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