Maya (マヤ) is an orphan girl who lives with Tia in the Altago Old Town. Maya's parents died during the war between the Kingdom of Altago and the Romun Empire. Maya somehow ended up in Altago and Tia took her in and they formed a very close bond like those of real sisters.

Maya is a mute and she goes around selling flowers for Tia to pay for whatever living expenses they can. This was the how Maya first met Adol when he first set foot in Altago

Both Maya and Tia are very protective of each other. When Tia was being harassed by Raud, Maya tried to beat him up even though it made little difference. However, this actually prompted Tia to consider giving in to Raud's demands because Tia worried that Maya would get hurt in the process otherwise. Maya usually show signs of affection towards those that treat her well. For Aisha, Maya would tease the former by pulling her hair in every occasion possible.

Later on, Maya somehow contracted the Iskan Fever which compelled Adol to ask for some Scarlet Crystals from Zanzibar who flat out rejected him. Doctor Daleyon then suggested that there may be some left in the Old Waterway which compelled Tia to immediately jump at the chance to go despite the dangers inside.

Later on, with the degradation of Altago, Maya's sickness worsened which made her bedridden. When Tia disappeared, Maya wandered the chaotic streets of Altago to find her sister. She collapsed in the middle of the street, but it just so happens that Raud was around to take her in and treated her.

When the Well of Souls closed up, Maya was cured of the Iskan fever. She mysteriously woke up and knew where to go to see Tia one last time before the latter departed from the land of Altago. Maya shouted out her first word in a long time which was "Tia!". In the epilogue, Maya is shown to continue growing and selling flowers in Altago.

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