Masha (マーシャ) is a local alchemist who lives in the cabin near the village of Xandria in Ys V: Kefin, The Lost City of Sand. She helps Adol with his quest to find the crystals that act as keys to the ancient city of Kefin.


She comes from the line of alchemists from Kefin. As a result, she has the medal of Kefin as a heirloom, which turns out to be the key to enter the ancient city.

In GamesEdit

Ys V: Kefin, The Lost City of SandEdit

Adol first encounters Masha when he goes to her cabin near the village of Xandria. She aids Adol by showing him how to use elemental stones to create alchemy spells. From then on, Adol can visit her to create alchemy spells with the elemental stones that he finds during the adventure.

Later on, when Niena is kidnapped by Dorman, Marsha goes with Adol and the Evil gang to Dorman's island in order to prevent the unsealing of Kefin. Unfortunately, even though Adol manages to defeat Dorman, Rije, who is the true mastermind, proceeds to use the crystals to break the seal on the ancient city. In order to prevent Kefin from harming rest of the world, Marsha uses her heirloom, the medal of Kefin, and travels with Adol and the Evil gang to Kefin.

Upon the arrival at Kefin, Adol and his allies joins the resistance against Kefin's oppressive regime. Masha helps the resistance with evacuating the citizens of Kefin to the outside world while Adol goes to the core of Kefin and destroys the Philosopher's Stone, the source of Kefin's alchemy. The destruction of the Philosopher's Stone causes Kefin to disappear and Adol and his allies, along with the citizens of Kefin, manage to escape from Kefin successfully.


  • In the original concept, Masha had more substantial role in the story as she was an alchemist from Kefin who went to the outside world to look for people who can fight against Kefin's brutal regime. Later on, after helping Adol get to Kefin, she came up with the plan to destroy the Philosopher's Stone and evacuate the citizens of Kefin, the role which went over to Owen in the game.
  • It is implied that Masha is close to Stan as she treats Stan's adopted daughter Niena like her own. Also, Stan recognizes her instantly and calls her by her first name when they meet in Kefin. The relationship between them is outright shown in the original concept where they elope after the adventure.
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