Earth Goddess Maia (大地神マイア) is one of the three deities worshipped in Tritheism. She created the landmasses of the world and the Great Tree of Origins. Then she invited the various sea creatures, like the race Hydra came from, to live on the land before she went to a long sleep.

In GamesEdit

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DanaEdit

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In the true ending, before leaving the Isle of Seiren, Adol and his party travel where the Great Tree of Origins used to stand. They meet Little Paro, who reveals himself to have been an avatar of the Goddess Maia. Transformed into a humanoid form, Maia explains that the world they lived in was part of her dream. Adol defeating Theos de Endrogram awoke her from her slumber and thus destroyed the world. Maia then rebuilt the World, with Dana, as the new goddess of Evolution, replacing the Great Tree.

Maia also explains that she started the Great Tree's selection and rejection cycle, the Lacrimosa, because the life on earth was stagnant and unchanging before. This evolution cycle eventually caused anomalies like the connection between Adol and Dana. Afterwards, Maia goes back to sleep and allows Dana and other wardens to control the Lacrimosa so it may be used in accordance with the era, instead of against it.

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