The Lombardia is the largest passenger liner sailing between the Afrocan and the Eresian Continent. It was built in Romn, has four masts, 20 cannons to defend against pirates and is 50 melye long. It's crew is headed by Captain Barbaros. Even though the ship is rather luxurious, the crew doesn't discriminate between passengers of different social standings.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana Edit

Adol Christin and Dogi board the Lombardia to return to Esteria after their adventure in Xandria. They were allowed to board for free in exchange for working on the ship. The next dock for the Lombardia was to be in Sounion, but they never reached it. Just after Captain Barbaros finished telling Adol about the Isle of Seiren they were passing, which was said to be cursed, the Lombardia was attacked by a giant sea monster. Despite Adols efforts to defend the ship, the Lombardia was destroyed and most of the passengers drifted ashore on the Isle of Seiren.

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