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Laxia von Roswell (ラクシャ・フォン・ロズウェル?) is a daughter of House Roswell, a noble family of Garman, who was aboard the Lombardia. She is a playable character and part of the main cast of Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana.



Laxia is a slender woman with pinkish white skin and blue eyes. She sports Garman medieval clothing, and the dress she wears in the evening feast at the Lombardia contradicts her torn up roaming outfit on the Isle of Seiren. She ties her orange hair in chic topknot with encircled braids and a blue ribbon.

In battle, Laxia wields a rapier.


Laxia is a refined and well-mannered individual who attempts to conduct herself with the dignity expected of a noble, but her stubbornness undermine her efforts. Among the diverse members of Castaway Village, who all hail from many different walks of life, she feels somewhat out of place.


"Thoughts of Father"

The Roswell noble family was the governing body of the Garman Region. Laxia's father, Lord Roswell, was the head of the family and an archeological scholar who specialized in the study of Primordials. As a child, Laxia often visited her father's laboratory to learn about Primordials, and would accompany him on his excavations.

"Tribulations of House Roswell"

The year Laxia turned sixteen, her father grew so obsessed with his research that he abandoned his house and lands. In response, his people started rioting throughout the countryside. The rioting finally ceased when Laxia's brother assumed control of House Roswell, but the loyalty their house once commanded had already been lost. Soon after, the other noble houses successfully unseated Laxia's brother, which drove Laxia's mother ill. And just three months before Laxia got stranded on the Isle of Seiren, House Roswell was forced to relinquish its titles and lands.

After everything that happened, Laxia began to grow dissatisfied with all that had come to define her, and eventually lead her to resent her father. She felt like she had no place where she truly belonged, so she ran away from home.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana[]

Laxia is the first person Adol encounters on the Isle of Seiren, after which she reluctantly decides to join him in exploring the island. At first, she finds it preposterous that Adol refers to himself as an 'adventurer', something which reminds her of her father. Eventually, Laxia warms up to Adol and the rest of the castaways.

While studying abroad at the Gllia Academy, she reunited with her father. Soon after, she began extensively researching Primordials and devoting herself to restoring her noble house. Garnering wide acclaim from both the public at large and other noble houses, she became known as one of the leading experts on Primordials. At the end of the credits, Laxia and Lord Roswell stand on a well preserved fossil, presumably of a winged Primordial.

Character Notes[]

Laxia von Roswell
Laxia von Roswell

A noble daughter of House Roswell of Garman. Holds herself and others to uncompromisingly high standards.

Character Note 1.png Primordial Knowledge
Though her archeologist father taught her about Primordials, she resents him for abandoning his noble house.
Character Note 2.png Lady of Age
Though delighted to receive a doll from Adol, she seems concerned about what this may imply about a woman her age.
Character Note 3.png Memories of Father
When she was fourteen, her father gave her a pair of glasses, and allowed her to assist him with his research.
Character Note 4.png Growth and Gratitude
Realizing how much she has matured, she thanked Adol before the final battle.


Laxia uses a rapier in battle and attacks with a swift set of piercing strikes, she also has several skills that are excellent in dealing with targets at range. As such, she excels at dispatching flying type enemies and enemies that are directly in front of her, but may find herself overwhelmed when going up against foes at multiple angles.


Name Stats Materials Acquire
Rapier.png Rapier Lv. 1 STR +8 N/A Default weapon
Lv. 2 STR +18 Iron Ore Iron Ore x2
Thin Hide Thin Hide x3
Lv. 3 STR +29 Iron Ore Iron Ore x3
Thin Hide Thin Hide x6
A slender sword made for piercing. Often carried for self-defense.
Foil.png Foil Lv. 1 STR +49 Iron Ore Iron Ore x5 Synthesize from Rapier
Lv. 2 STR +60 Iron Ore Iron Ore x3
Remex Remex x2
Lv. 3 STR +68 Iron Ore Iron Ore x5
Remex Remex x4
An official fencing sword used at tournaments.
Flamberge.png Flamberge Lv. 1 STR +82 Iron Ore Iron Ore x7 Synthesize from Foil
Lv. 2 STR +91 Iron Ore Iron Ore x4
Thin Hide Thin Hide x3
Lv. 3 STR +102 Iron Ore Iron Ore x7
Thin Hide Thin Hide x6
A piercing sword with a supple blade that flickers like fire.
Grand Saber.png Grand Saber Lv. 1 STR +128
DEF +2
N/A Synthesize from Flamberge, after finding Orichacum
Lv. 2 STR +136
DEF +2
Tectite Ore Tectite Ore x2
Razor Feather Razor Feather x2
Lv. 3 STR +144
DEF +2
Tectite Ore Tectite Ore x3
Razor Feather Razor Feather x4
A delicate yet powerful orichalcum saber.
Belladonna.png Belladonna Lv. 1 STR +154
DEF +2
Tectite Ore Tectite Ore x5 Synthesize from Grand Saber
Lv. 2 STR +163
DEF +2
Tectite Ore Tectite Ore x3
Beast Hide Beast Hide x3
Lv. 3 STR +171
DEF +2
Tectite Ore Tectite Ore x5
Beast Hide Beast Hide x6
Combining elegance and practically, this blade encapsulates noble pride.
Gordes Fencer.png Gordes Fencer Lv. 1 STR +188
DEF +2
Essence Stone Essence Stone x3 Synthesize from Belladonna
Lv. 2 STR +197
DEF +3
Essence Stone Essence Stone x2
Blue Feather Blue Feather x2
Lv. 3 STR +205
DEF +4
Essence Stone Essence Stone x3
Blue Feather Blue Feather x4
Its shining golden blade can pierce even the thickest carapace.
Arondight.png Arondight Lv. 1 STR +213
DEF +5
Essence Stone Essence Stone x5 Synthesize from Gordes Fencer
Lv. 2 STR +261
DEF +5
Essence Stone Essence Stone x3
Ancient Hide Ancient Hide x3
Lv. 3 STR +270
DEF +5
Essence Stone Essence Stone x5
Ancient Hide Ancient Hide x6
The blade has been honed to perfection; it can even bore through orichalcum.
Mercurius Blade.png Mercurius Blade Lv. 1 STR +
DEF +5
Dragon Crest Stone Dragon Crest Stone x3 Synthesize from Arondight
Lv. 2 STR +
DEF +5
Dragon Crest Stone Dragon Crest Stone x2
Lunar Wings Lunar Wings x2
Lv. 3 STR +
DEF +5
Dragon Crest Stone Dragon Crest Stone x3
Lunar Wings Lunar Wings x4
A beautiful sacred sword that can pierce cleanly through anything.
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Icon Skill Name Impact Stun Break Cost Acquire
Dagger Fling.png Dagger Fling C++ C+ C+ 8 SP Default Skill
Throw a hidden dagger to immobilize the enemy.
Blitz Charge.png Blitz Charge B B C++ 20 SP Lv. 6
Drop from above and skewer the enemy.
Needle Break.png Needle Break C B++ SS 10 SP Lv. 11
Strike with precision, like threading a needle.
Eagle Lancer.png Eagle Lancer B B C+ 22 SP Lv. 15
Stun the enemies with the ruler of the sky's power.
Sylphid's Kiss.png Sylphid's Kiss B+ C+ C++ 18 SP Fairy Manual
Thrust and slice with a violent wind blade.
Note: Manual Location: Treasure Chest in Schlamm Jungle.
Lethal Raid.png Lethal Raid A+ B++ A++ 45 SP Lv. 31
Strike the foe's vulnerability and then slice.
Wake Up!.png Wake Up! C+ C+ C 10 SP Lv. 37
Slice the enemy by scooping them up from below.
Stun Thrust.png Stun Thrust B A B 24 SP Lv. 45
Unleash a thrust laced with bolts of lightning.
Piercing Tempest.png Piercing Tempest A+ A+ S 36 SP Master Kong
A flurry of thrusts is followed by a hard strike.
Rapid Thrust.png Rapid Thrust C C+ C++ 8 SP Lv. 55
Unleash consecutive thrusts in a graceful stance.
Spark Chaser.png Spark Chaser B B C 25 SP Lv. 62
A lightning dagger bounces from foe to foe.
Precious Impact.png Precious Impact A B++ B++ 40 SP Lv. 67
The blade's aura cuts the earth and nearby foes.
Extra Skill Noble Barrage


Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana[]


  • Laxia mentions that Griselda bears a striking resemblance to a princess she met in the Imperial capital. Though Griselda treats it as if it's just a coincidence.
  • Although the Roswell name is featured as a Garman/German surname, in reality, it is an old English dated back in the Anglo-Saxon tribes of England. Roswell has several forms such as Rosewell, Rosewall, and Rowswell.
  • Laxia has the highest number of DLC costumes in Ys VIII, with five costumes in total.