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Ladoc (ラドック?), also known as the One-Eyed Ladoc (海賊ラドック?), is a character in the Ys series that was first introduced in Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim and briefly mentioned in Ys Seven. Despite his brief appearances in the series, he appears to play a major role in the world of Ys.

In Games[]

Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim[]

Ladoc and his pirates are helplessly stranded in the Vortex of Canaan which sees the events of the game unfold.

Ys Seven[]

By Ys Seven, Ladoc has been known as an infamous anti-Romun pirate king that ventures around the Medo Sea between Romn and Altago. King Kiemarl personally knows Ladoc who sided with Altago during the war with the Romun Empire. Between the events of Ys VI and Ys Seven, Ladoc goes back to Afroca and meets with Kiemarl. This later aids Adol and Dogi in gaining the King's trust. 

He seems to be fairly popular with the Altaginians despite Prime Minister Orbus's protest against fraternizing with pirates. Ladoc is also the one who recommends Adol and Dogi to the captain whose ship brings them to Altago.


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