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Krysha Pendleton is a playable character in Ys IX: Monstrum Nox. A fainthearted and shy girl, she is an adopted younger sister of Carla.


Being adopted by the Pendleton family as a child, she later followed her sister in joining the company. While her talent as a merchant is comparable to Carla herself, Krysha struggles with following the family motto, which is to ruthlessly defeat any competition with capital gains. This has resulted in her developing a complex towards her reputed sister and creating distance between the two.

In Games[]

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox[]

Somebody has recently broken in the Pendleton company and stole the sales she had personally earned, which Adol offers to investigate in exchange for information on Balduq's prison.

In Chapter 2, it is revealed that the culprit is none other than Krysha herself as her Monstrum persona White Cat (白猫?), a chivalrous thief who steals money and goods from the rich to give out to the needy living in the slums of the Prison city, Balduq. She communicates with the city's residents frequently, and shows off around the city with her nimble and flashy performances. Utilizing her flexible, cat-like body, she specializes in speedy strike attacks.

After she finds out that her chivalrous acts in the slum has made some of the people become lazy and take her kind acts as matter of fact, she stops sharing her money with the people in slum. Instead, she opens a flower shop in the slum and decides to make the slum a better place rather than passively handing out money.

I have a resolution. From now on, I will not lean on power from others. Even if I don't have the enormous resources, I will strive ahead with my own power! ~ Krysha Pendleton

Truth of the Monstrums[]

Later in the game, it was revealed that she, along with all other Monstrums are homunculus created by Zola to fight the Grimwald Nox with Aprilis. They were originally planned to be raised and trained by Aprilis and Zola. But when Zola disappeared, Aprilis found the job too difficult to be done by herself. So she faked their identities and pretended they were war orphans to be adopted. When they became old enough to join the fight in Grimwald Nox, she sought them out and activated their power by shooting an alchemy bullet at them and turning them into Monstrums.



  • In the games that have the party system and attack attributes, Krysha is the only first playable female character who does not have orange hair and pierce attribute. All other female characters who first join Adol's party, Karna, Laxia von Roswell, and Aisha, had these characteristics.
  • She is the first to show that monstrums transform back to their human selves if they lose consciousness.
  • The cat tail and ears in her monstrum form are real as they move based on her mood.