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Kishgal (キシュガル?) is a boss in Ys Origin. He is Epona's older brother. He seems to care about Epona, though he doesn't show that on the outside. He lives for battle, but he dislikes fighting sorcerers like Hugo. He follows Dalles, likely due to all the challenges Dalles' pursuit of power brings him.


He challenged Saul Tovah three times while Saul and Toal were fighting to earn time for Ys to float into the sky. The first time Kishgal was no match for Saul, so he withdrew. The second time ended with a draw. At the third time, the exhausted knight fell under Kishgal's halberd. Despite his victory, Kishgal was unsatisfied as he won due to demonic powers and Saul's exhaustion over fighting countless other demons for days. As a result, Kishgal wishes to pit his strength against Toal, who is Saul's right-hand man and is also infused with demonic powers.

In Games[]

Ys Origin[]

In Yunica's route, Kishgal meets Yunica on Floor 11 of Darm Tower, he tells her that he is the one who killed her father. That triggers Yunica's rage and she attacks him, but she loses to him because he has demon power within him. Yunica manages to defeat him on Floor 25 of Darm Tower. Acknowledging the young knight's strength, he dies satisfied.

In Hugo's route, Kishgal does not fight Hugo because he dislikes fighting sorcerers. But after Epona's death, he feels he needs to avenge her, so he fights Hugo despite his dislike of sorcerers. Even then he throws the fight once the ritual to bring down Ys starts and gives the Rod to Hugo, saying he owes Epona this much since she must have seen something in the young sorcerer to give up her life for him. Although Hugo tries to give the Daybreak Talisman he received from Epona to Kishgal as a memento, Kishgal tells him to keep it and leaves after hearing from Hugo that Epona died with a smile.

In Toal's route, Kishgal suspects that Toal has a hidden motive for joining the Darklings and tries many times to have Toal fight him, but Toal declines. When Toal faces him in Demonic Core, he has no choice but to fight Kishgal because by that time, the Darklings no longer have any use for Toal and Toal has completely turned against them. Toal defeats him in the ensuing battle but Kishgal, empowered by the demonic essence, gets up stronger and ready to continue. However, Yunica and other knights intercept and hold Kishgal at bay so Toal can continue his climb up the tower. After Toal defeats Darm, he is told that Kishgal perished along with other members of the Darklings.

As Boss[]

Ys Origin[]

He is fought in the Guilty Fire area in Yunica's storyline, the Demonic Core area of Darm Tower in Toal and Hugo's storylines, and as the penultimate boss in Yunica's storyline, once again in Demonic Core.



  • In Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim, there is a location named Ruined City of Kishgal. It is not known if the location has anything to do with the Kishgal from Ys Origin.
  • His skill with the halberd seems to be something that is passed down for generations among the Clan of Darkness as other members of the clan such as Frieda and Geis exhibit similar skill with it.
  • Some theorize that Kishgal became Tyalmath due to their similar attack pattern.
  • Despite his dislike of sorcerers, he has no problem utilizing the long-range ice magic in battles.