The Kingdom of Altago is a geopolitical entity situated in the nothern continent of Afroca in a region that has traditionally been known as Altago from which its name was derived from. The Kingdom is ruled by the royal family of Edonas whose current monarch is Aisha Sari Edonas after the late King Kiemarl Sari Edonas was assassinated.

The kingdom was founded roughly 200 years ago when the ancestors of current day Edonians settled in the current day Altago City by displacing the Iska tribe from their homeland. The Edonians realized that by practicing commercialism, their tribe can achieve a greater level of prosperity and attain influence over the other tribes.

The people then began a series of trades that would transform the City of Altago into the commercial center it is today. To preserve the safety of the city and protect trade routes from monsters, the Dragon Knights were founded which would later be used to defend against foreign invaders. This close proximity and affinity toward the sea saw the tranformation of the Dragon Knights into a formiddable naval arm for the Kingdom that can even rival the Romun Empire's naval forces.

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