Doctor Kiergaard Weissman (キルゴール・ヴァイスマン?) was one of the passengers of the ship Lombardia. Posing as a kind doctor he treated the wounds and sicknesses of the people of Castaway Village for some time.

Unbeknownst to all, he is the Nameless Ripper of the Romun Empire.

Appearance Edit

Kiergaard is a blonde man with a slightly overweight build who wears white collared sleeves, with a combination of a purple and grayish pink sleeveless tuxedo, light green long pants and brown leather shoes.

Character Plot Edit

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Behind Kiergaard's kind demeanor he was in truth a sociopathic serial killer from the Romun Empire who operated under the name "Nemo" or Nameless Ripper (Nameless Slasher in the PSVita version). Being part of the military as field doctor gave him much knowledge about the human body and allowed him to master the use of steel wire as weapon.

He used his taps to first attack Captain Barbaros and strike fear into the castaways. He enjoyed the psychological effects his attacks left on the villagers, particularly Sir Carlan, who used the village's rowboat to try to flee the island. After Kiergaard's identity was uncovered he ran away trying to escape. By using the captured Quina as bait he managed to inflict a lethal wound on Captain Barbaros.

Trying to build on that he fought against Adol and his team in the hope of killing Adol to destroy the hope of the other castaways.

This plan failed when Kiergaard was defeated, he tried to escape to continue his crimes but was attacked and eaten by the Avalodragil, a Primordial.

Doctor Kiergaard was very experienced in psychology as he knew exactly how to inflict the most fear in his victims, along with accurately being able to define the characters of his victims.

His mastery of steel wire made him a formidable enemy as he was not only capable of creating lethal traps but also using it in battle as a weapon and even as a barrier to defend himself.

Kiergaard was a truly twisted man who believed that, as a man who "bears the burden of evil", it was his duty to cause strife and fear. In his mind only through fear would civilization be able to progress. This world view allowed him to easily commit crimes like attacking the other castaways and even using a ten year old girl as hostage. He also was rather narcisstic as he believed that "the world needed him".

His views on good and evil were extremely twisted as he believed that hating evil was irrational, as both good and evil were what shaped history and society.

Even Sahad, who has an otherwise easy going personality, described Kiergaard as "evil to the core".

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