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Kiemarl (カイマール?), whose full name is Kiemarl Sari Edonas, is the King of Altago and the father of Aisha. He also secretly served as the Elder of Edonas, hence his last name. He is a dignified man, who understands his subject's personality fairly well.

In Ys Seven, he tasked Scias to release Adol and Dogi from Raud. Kiemarl commented he had heard of Adol from Ladoc so he asked the duo to explore a cave in the northern Altago Plains that opened up after a recent earthquake. He explained that his Dragon Knights are busy with other tasks at the moment and he couldn't send anyone else. Upon their return, Kiemarl learned of the mysterious altar and the voice that spoke to Adol. Kiemarl then tasked Adol to traverse to the villages of Shannoa, Segram and Kylos to learn more about these mysterious voices which seems to be leading them for unknown purposes.

It is revealed that Kiemarl is suffering from the Iskan Fever which has caused him so much fatigue and pain that he became bedridden. Many political matters have been divided and given to Prime Minister Orbus and high ranking officials of the Dragon Knights.

When Adol, Aisha and Dogi returned from Kylos, Kiemarl remarked that he had knew that Aisha was with them all along and he willing lets her. Once the subject of the Edonas Tribe came up, Kiemarl admitted to being the elder and he reveals that the location of the Sea Altar is on the Ruins Island. Kiemarl then permits Aisha to go to Ruins Island as a substitute for him because someone from the Edonas lineage has to be present.

Before Adol leaves, Kiemarl gave Adol a Royal Signet. Kiemarl tells Adol that he needs this to enter the Sea Altar. Right after Adol leaves the room, Scias came in and kills Kiemarl with a similar weapon to Adol's in order to frame him.

Supposedly before Kiemarl received Adol and company, he had written down the secret incantation to enter the Sea Sanctum and left it to Aisha.

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