Jabir (ジャビル?) is an alchemist and the main antagonist of Ys V: Kefin, The Lost City of Sand. The real power behind Kefin and its alchemy, he manipulates everyone in order to break the seal on Kefin and seeks to conquer the world using the power of Philosopher's Stone.


Jabir found the philosopher's stone in the jungle of Xandria 500 years ago. With its unimaginable power, he became immortal and took control of Kefin from the shadows. He then sought to conquer the rest of the world but other alchemists, led by Foresta, stopped him by sealing Jabir and the entire city of Kefin in another dimension. Since then he has been seeking to break the seal while maintaining the power of the philosopher's stone through human sacrifices.

In GamesEdit

Ys V: Kefin, The Lost City of SandEdit

When the seal on Kefin got weakened some time before the events of the game, Jabir sent Rije and her lieutenants to the outside world in order to claim the six crystals that act as the keys to breaking the seal on Kefin. Jabir only appears at the end of the game when Adol reaches the core of Kefin where the Philosopher's Stone lies. He first sends out the beast he created with alchemy to attack Adol. Then, Jabir fuses with the Philosopher's Stone, turning into a gigantic abomination. After a vicious battle, Adol prevails and brings an end to the fallen alchemist and his wicked ambition.



  • In the original concept, Jabir was interested only in maintaining his version of paradise where people who are judged unworthy are routinely sacrificed for Jabir's alchemy experiments. In fact, Jabir was the one who separated Kefin from the outside world so he may experiment freely without any interference. He kept his identity secret to the rest of Kefin's populace and used the King of Kefin, the character who does not appear in the game, as a puppet ruler. 
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